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Medical Doctor Uses EFT for Asthma, High Blood Pressure, and Pneumonia

Medical Doctor Uses EFT for Asthma, High Blood Pressure, and Pneumonia

Dear EFT Community,

Michael Valenti, M.D. describes some examples of how he uses EFT for medical issues in order to highlight the possibilities of healing with EFT and to demonstrate that EFT can guide the whole medical fraternity into a new direction of real healing and prevention.


By Michael Valenti, M.D., M.P.H.

I am a German general medical doctor and Master of Public Health. I have been using EFT for medical problems for several years. Asthma usually responds very quickly to EFT by treating the fear from the first remembered asthma attack, saying:

“Even though I had this fear with my asthma attack, I deeply and ….”.

A second line of EFT tapping concerns the situational cause of the attack, such as the worsening of a cold with wheezing, others shaming the child, or other emotional threats related to the first attack. For example, one woman who had asthma for forty years reported that her first asthma attack had started when a group of children were laughing about her in the school yard.

After a few rounds of tapping on that memory the asthma was practically gone.

“Even though they were all laughing about me and I got asthma, I deeply and …”.

A third round might be necessary to break the dependency of the inhaler medication.

E.g. tapping on:

“Even though I can’t imagine to live without my inhaler, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

An interesting case of high blood pressure reveals the importance of always going back to the time when the illness started and demonstrates the obvious emotional background of hypertension.

Mr. C. came to me for a repeat prescription of blood pressure medication, because his doctor was on holiday.

I saw the list of his four medications and asked: “Four tablets. That’s a lot. How high is the pressure?”

I checked the pressure and it was 220/140. “Oh, that’s very high,” I said, “I might have to send you to the hospital.”

“No,” replied the patient, “it’s always like that.”

I asked: ”Always, since when?”

The patient explained that he had the high pressure of 220/140 since 20 years and that it never really went down, even with the medication. And that he would not go to the hospital, because they would just give him more useless medication.

So I said: “Ok, let me try something.”

I asked when the pressure problem had started and he described how 20 years ago he had been working on a ship, had been called to the Captain one day and told that his son was sick in Jamaica and that he had to fly home immediately. He had spent three weeks with his sick son in Jamaica and after the son was improved he had come back to the ship where his pressure was found to be very high. Since then he was on the same medication, but the pressure never improved. 

Based on this story I began to tap. I tapped three to four rounds on each of the following topics:

“Even though I was shocked when I was called to the captain and heard that my son was seriously ill….”

“Even though I felt guilty that I had not been there for my son…”

“Even though I have to work on the ship and I can’t be there for my son…”

After these rounds I checked the blood pressure and it was 140/90. I still prescribed the medication, since I didn’t know if my treatment would last, but when I met the man in a bar two weeks later he said the pressure was alright.

Many other cases of hypertension reveal similar relations to emotional issues which can revealed by looking for stressful events in the clients life when the hypertension started, – often relationship issues.

Another revealing case was Mrs. B with pneumonia, who I met at a friends house in New York. I had treated my friend and one of his guests with EFT for emotional issues and they were so relieved that the wife of one of the clients came to me the next day and said, she had this heavy cold and sore throat and if I could do EFT on her.

I checked her lungs and found it sounded more like pneumonia than just a cold and said: “You have to go to a doctor and get antibiotics. EFT can’t do anything for you.”

However, it was Sunday and no doctor in reach, so after a few more arguments I agreed to at least try EFT.

So I began: “Ok, what is your stress right now? You don’t just get pneumonia without some immune weakness.” “I have no real stress,” she said, “Only my brother and sister are bothering me a little, and I have to take care of them.” “What do you mean?” I asked, “How old are they, can’t they take care of themselves?”

The woman was in her fifties and it seemed suspicious that she was taking care of grown ups. With a little more questioning she revealed that she was a nurse and that she had to take care of her siblings over most of her life. I tapped two rounds on her burden of having to take care of them and then asked if she had any trauma in her past related to her siblings.

I had hit the nail on the head.

Slowly she revealed how she had been beaten ritually by her father in front of her siblings when they were small. Week after week with little reason they had been taken by him to the cellar where she had been beaten with a belt while her brother and sister had to watch. Over time she had become used to it and never said anything about it. Also the siblings never talked about it. We tapped a few rounds on the beating and on the worst memories from that time and Mrs. B began to feel lighter and her breathing became freer.

And suddenly she remembered a connection to the pneumonia and said: “Now I remember. My mother knew what was going on in the cellar and sometimes she would stand there and watch, but she never stopped our father. And the only time I could get a hug from her was when I had a cold and was sick in bed.”

Bingo, I thought.

We tapped three rounds on this set up phrase: “Even though I could only get a hug from my mother, when I had a flue and was sick in bed, I deeply and completely accept myself,” and that was it. Mrs. B declared that her throat had stopped hurting, her breathing was free, and two days later the pneumonia was gone. 

Based on these and many more experiences I went on to specialize in treating people’s childhood traumas, which is the best preventive and restorative medical treatment I can imagine. It changes the lives of the clients within the hour, and it is a great joy to see how they look ten years younger after a few rounds of tapping.