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Claudia Schecter

Claudia Schecter
Claudia Schecter EFT traineravatar 5 thumb 100x113Claudia Schecter514.483.3690MontrealQuebec, Canadaclaudia@quantumbalance.cawww.QuantumBalance.ca

Claudia Schecter, EFT Universe Trainer and Mentoring Consultant, has been in private practice as a Naturopath/Success Coach for almost 20 years. She studied at Institute NHC in Montreal, PQ, where she later served on the Board of Directors and taught EFT.

Claudia has been teaching and mentoring EFT students since 2004. She is one of a handful of EFT practitioners worldwide who achieved the EFT Cert-II. Claudia is the founder of the EFT Circle Montreal which boasts hundreds of active members.

Her work as a success coach has enabled many people to reach their full potential. Claudia is fluent in English and German and conducts her workshops in both languages. She holds workshops in Canada, Europe and Asia, as well as, private sessions in person, by telephone and via Skype.

Claudia’s commitment at “quantum balance” is to help you feel better, physically and emotionally.

To help you release limiting beliefs, fears, pain,allergies, chronic diseases,excess weight, phobias and anxiety and to empower you so you can reconnect with the place within you where all healing occurs…..to guide you to a place from where you can allow abundance in every area of your life.

What Raving Fans Are Saying –

“Claudia makes it look easy, yet is very clear and precise. Well paced, keeping us on track with the material in the curriculum. I appreciated the nuances of the way she works. The demonstrations and practice time helped me internalize what Claudia was teaching.” – Geoff Jack Bannister

“I would love to continue learning with Claudia. She is an amazing instructor, so real, so approachable, so knowledgeable. Seeing her in action was invaluable to my learning experience. I feel fortunate and blessed to have taken my EFT Universe certification classes with her!” – Lisa Brindley

“Claudia is the best teacher or trainer I’ve ever had, in all the courses I’ve taken. She really knows her stuff. She is a consummate professional and I was awed with her depth of knowledge.” – Roland R. M. Brown, CNP

“Claudia is a talented, skilled, knowledgeable EFT presenter. She is sensitive to the needs of the class, helpful in her approach, and extremely dedicated and caring in presenting the material. Creative!” – Cat Hammond

“Thank you, Claudia – your experience, intelligence, patience, and warmth & humor made this weekend fantastic!” – Ladonna Miltmore

“I found EFT more interesting and practical than I initially thought. Great tool for development.” – Paul Kowalsky, MD

“All in all it is a powerful tool empowering humanity and thank you for bringing it to us!” – Jeffrey Higgin

“I am looking forward to my life journey with EFT in it.” – Josie Hawkes 

“I feel so blessed to have had this experience and to have had it with such beautiful people!”– Terence Hill, LPC