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Grandparenting Into Clinical EFT Certification with EFT Universe

Grandparenting Into Clinical EFT Certification at EFT Universe

Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to build on your existing EFT training, skills and certifications to grandparent into the Clinical EFT practitioner program.

Grandparenting is available to practitioners who have existing certification from ACEP, Emofree, or EFT International (formerly AAMET). It has 4 simple steps.

These include meeting the academic requirements of all Clinical EFT practitioners, and demonstrating proficiency in the 48 Clinical EFT techniques. Clinical EFT certification from EFT Universe includes a comprehensive training in neuroscience and coaching psychology not found in other certification programs. These tools are key to the effectiveness of Clinical EFT practitioners. The 4 steps are these:

  • Submit your application form and make your payment on this page ($2999)
  • Complete the first 4 online modules of the Ultimate EFT Certification program ($included) These are:
    • The Genetics of Personal Transformation
    • The Practice of Energy Psychology and EFT
    • Professional Ethics
    • The Psychology of Coaching
  • Complete the Energy, Trauma and Healing module, also part of the Ultimate EFT Certification program ($included)
  • Submit 5 case histories for review ($included)

You’ll find taking these 5 modules an inspiring educational experience. They’re based on current neuroscience and best clinical practice. You’ll gain many new insights, from the epigenetic healing effects of EFT to the brainwave patterns of peak mental states.

Once you’ve completed grandparenting, you’ll be listed as a practitioner on the EFT Universe site, which receives hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. You’re also eligible to list yourself on TappingPlace.com to offer virtual paid video sessions.

Your 5 case histories should demonstrate at least these 6 techniques. You’ll learn these, and many more, in the first 2 modules:

  • The Tearless Trauma Technique
  • Chasing the Pain
  • Sneaking Up on the Problem (and Sneaking Away at the End of a Session)
  • Techniques To Use When Regular EFT Does Not Produce a Reduction in SUD
  • Distinguishing Table Tops (General Issues) from Legs (Specific Events) and Aspects (Parts of an Event)
  • Cognitive shifts and how to identify them

Ready to get started? Please make your non-refundable $2999 payment and submit your application form here. Have your previous certification information handy because you’ll need it for the application.

The next step is to complete the first module of  the Ultimate EFT Certification program. You will complete these modules in EFT Universe’s state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS). You’ll find it full of helpful videos, quickstart guides, memory quizzes, and pro tips.

Once you’ve completed those 4 modules, you’ll be familiar with all 48 Clinical EFT techniques, as well as the best practices of transformative neuroscience and coaching psychology.

Your final step is to complete the Energy, Trauma and Healing module, and submit your 5 case histories using the Long Case History form here. For the Tables and Legs case, use this worksheet along with the Short Case History form.

You’ll receive a coupon code that allows you to log in to the LMS once you’ve made your payment. You’ll submit your case histories through this link. No payment is due for the review of your case histories, because these are included in your application fee.

Once your case histories have been reviewed (in 3-6 weeks), and your understanding of the 6 techniques demonstrated, you’ll graduate as a Clinical EFT practitioner. We look forward to welcoming you to this inspiring transformational community!

If you have any questions, please contact the EFT Universe Certification Coordinator here.

Forms & Resources

Case Study Guidelines

Short case history form

Tables, Legs, and Aspects Worksheet

The 48 Clinical EFT Techniques