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Jan Watkins

Jan Watkins
Jan Watkins  Jan Watkins(703) 408-0091McLean, VAWashington, DCUnited StatesEmail: janlwatkins@gmail.comwww.janwatkins.com


EFT will positively impact every situation you’re dealing with. I specialize in relationship issues, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, anxieties, fears, phobias, traumas, sports and other performance issues and freedom from limiting thoughts, beliefs and negative emotions! I also work with children. I look forward to helping you dust yourself off & shine yourself up to lead an empowered and wonderful life! Try a few sessions and see what you think.


Since my teen years I have been interested in self improvement, personal growth and spirituality. I have studied many self help books and studied and received training in many different methods, traditional and nontraditional, including:

– Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

– Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

– Be Set Free Fast (BSFF)

– Intuitive Coaching

– Energy Psychology

– Tapas Accupressure Technique (TAT)

– Hypnotherapy

– Sand Tray Therapy

– Matrix Energetics

– Yuen Energetics

– Ego States Psychotherapy and Voice Dialogue

– Reiki Master

– Energy Medicine (Donna Eden)

– Mark Dunn’s Conscious Systems

– Eric Pearl – Reconnective Healing

– Dick Sutphen – Hypnosis

– VA Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator

A book that I first read as a teen (The Power of the Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy) still influences my thinking today regarding the possibility of making quick, effective and lasting changes.

Our belief system appears to be held as programming in the subconscious mind capable of limiting our choices. EMDR, EFT, BSFF and other methods can all be used to eliminate negative emotions and replace negative and limiting beliefs in the subconscious mind with more empowering beliefs.


I have attended personal trainings with EFT founder in Dallas, San Francisco and Atlanta and with EFT Masters, Lindsay Kinney, and Carol Look. I have been blessed with the privilege of working personally with psychologist and BSFF founder, Dr. Larry Nims, for more than 3 years. To the degree possible, Larry’s loving, spiritual guidance and professional expertise are incorporated into my work. I have always been spiritually guided and I incorporate the spiritual and /or religious orientation of my clients into my work. I have also studied with the amazing intuitive, Sonia Choquette, and her focus on bringing the spirit alive is the starting point for my work. Most recently, I have had the privilege of working with Mark Dunn, a Naturopathic doctor in Oregon, who is on an amazing spiritual journey.


I began my career as a C.P.A working in major public accounting firms, and earned a Masters in Business Administration before heading to law school. After graduating from law school and passing the Bar Exam, I embraced the rewarding role of stay-at-home mom. Years later, I began working as a family mediator and I have worked with families in conflict as a Certified Family Mediator since 1997.

At the present time, in this new and exciting phase of my life, I am returning my focus to the area of my true passion. My interest has always been in discovering ways to help myself and others make positive changes.


You may be able to receive reimbursement from your insurance provider for “out of network services.” I do not participate directly with insurance companies.

Also, Business and Personal Performance Coaching may be deductible as a reasonable business expense. Check with your tax accountant.


My personal interests include hiking, biking, boating and skiing. I also enjoy photography, playing scrabble, and simple sewing projects.

What people are saying about Jan Watkins:

My second Level 2 class gave me more depth on the topics covered. Major emotional clearings occurred for everyone who attended. These classes are over and beyond my highest expectations. I’m very grateful for this informative and healing experience! -Eloise Hubert, RN

Jan does a fantastic job teaching the EFT Universe classes. She’s very well organized and professional. We all experienced amazing insights and personal shifts. Even though I’ve been doing EFT for about six years, this seminar took my practice to a whole new level. -Jackie-Ann McWilliams

Jan is a great teacher and healer. I found I really “got” EFT’s concepts in depth during my second Level 2 class. I’m now much more confident using EFT with clients, and even more enthusiastic than I was before the workshop. -Ariel Ortega, PhD

This was a very well presented workshop, like all the other EFT Universe courses I’ve attended. Jan was knowledgeable and experienced. She engaged with the participants in a warm and concerned manner. I now have a “feel” for how EFT is done, both with individuals and in group sessions. -Vicki Arthur, LCSW

“Jan is my favorite EFT instructor. Her method is lucid and loving!” – John Staples

“These well-designed trainings with expert EFT instructors are as good as it gets! Jan is a master teacher and a wonderful EFT trainer. She’s responsive and courteous, and I am blessed and grateful to have had her for my EFT Universe classes.” – Allie McKinnon, PhD

“It’s deeply gratifying to see how much I’ve been able to help people while doing the 50 sessions required for EFT Universe certification.” – Bill Wolf

“Jan’s demonstrations were quite profound, with good outcomes. I intend to practice these skills with my friends and family. She is personable, patient, and thorough. She’s a great teacher.” -Soni Fitzhugh

“I learned a lot in these Level 1 and 2 classes. Even though I have been using EFT for several years already, I now feel confident to face high-intensity situations with clients by just remining calm and continuting to tap. Jan’s calmness, professionalism, and humor were very, very valuable! The EFT Universe workshops gave me the confidence to go ahead with EFT at a professional level.” -Cornelia Proulx

“These classes were the best thing to happen to me in a long time. Jan is a great instructor. The classes were informative and enlightening. I learned so much about myself. EFT is for everyone!” -Mamie Sptizer

“The EFT Universe workshops with Jan were a beautiful experience of healing, light and laughter. Level 1 and 2 opened up new doorways to healing for me, and introduced me to new friends. Jan offered lots of experiential examples and opportunities for learning. Thanks to Jan for her grounded, organized, and well-balanced presentations of the material and her willingness to answer questions and guide us through the exercises.” -Libby Schleichert

“We had a great presenter and a great group at our EFT Universe workshop. I’m excited about what I learned. I now feel comfortable using EFT with myself, with family, and with friends. Observing tapping demonstrations gave me the freedom to reflect on the methods, and formulate questions. Jan has a friendly, open tone which facilitates full group participation.” -Kathy Ford

“EFT has the potential of changing the world, and how we interact with all humankind. It should be included in the curriculum of all schools everywhere.” -John Staples