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Liability Insurance Carriers

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In order to maintain your EFT practitioner certification, you are required to obtain liability insurance, and to list, as an Additional Insured Endorsement or AIE, “EFT Universe, a division of Energy Psychology Group, Inc.”

The cost of liability insurance is modest, and an AIE usually costs only about $20 more.

Below are some U.S., Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, and U.K. liability insurers. This list is by no means exhaustive and you are encouraged to compare rates from other sources. The rates below were accurate when quoted but change frequently, please consult carriers for current rates.

U.S. Insurance Carriers

– Energy Medicine Professional Association

Website: EnergyMedicineProfessionalAssociation.com
Click here for the Energy Medicine Professional Association (EMPA) Application Page
Cost: $245/year
This company covers Skype calling coverage for USA practitioners who are in the USA to all over the world.

– HandsOn Trade Association

Phone: 800-872-1282
Website: HandsonTrade
Cost: $165/year
This company does not provide coverage for Skype

Canadian Insurance Carriers

– Lackner McLennan Insurance

Phone: 800-265-2625 x336
Website: INeedAPolicy
Cost: $225 (Canadian). For Skype coverage $275 (Canadian) Additional 8% PST in Ontario.
Under their worldwide coverage plan for an additional $50 a year, this company covers Skype calling for Canadian practitioners who are in Canada to all over the world.

– Holman Insurance Brokers, LTD.

Phone: 905-886-5630
Website: HolmanINS.com
Address: 3100 Steeles Ave East
Suite 101 Markham ON L3R 8T3
Email: service@holmanins.com
Does cover Skype calls

Australian Insurance Carriers

– AON Risk Services

Several agencies all over Australia
Remember to ask agency to list EFTU as an “Interested Party.”
Website: AON.com
Cost: Competitive rates may vary.

New Zealand Insurance Carriers

– Lifetime Insurance Brokers

Phone: 03 372 1900
84 Peterborough Street, Christchurch City
Christchurch, Canterbury
Remember to ask broker to list EFTU as an “Interested Party.”
Website: RatevineInsurance.co.nz

United Kingdom Insurance Carriers

  • Balens Limited

Website: www.balens.co.uk
Phone: 01684 580771 
Email: info@balens.co.uk


Please Note: The information provided on this page is for illustrative purposes only and is not an insurance contract. This page is intended to provide a general overview of the companies that provide liability insurance, their websites and contact information, and, in some cases, approximate costs. Only the policy you buy and the company you choose can provide the actual insurance costs, terms, coverages, amounts, conditions, and exclusions. Insurance rates change frequently, please consult carriers for current rates. All published prices and information are subject to change without prior notice. This list is by no means exhaustive and you are encouraged to compare rates from other sources.