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Lorna Minewiser

Lorna Minewiser

EFT Trainer, Lorna Minewiser  

Expert EFT Practitioner

Lorna Minewiser, PhD, Expert EFT Practitioner
Sacramento, California

Since receiving her BA in education, Lorna has been teaching, coaching and mentoring students for more than 40 years.

After many years of volunteer work she returned to education and received her MA in Counseling Psychology and became licensed as a counselor.

She went on to achieve her PhD in Psychology in 2001.  She retired from counseling and has been a coach for more than 10 years. She has been teaching EFT classes since 2007 and became a certified Trainer through AAMET in 2010.

She has now added certifications to teach and train through EFTUniverse.

As a teacher, Lorna is known for her energy and passion for Energy Psychology. Her enthusiasm and extensive knowledge is conveyed though her warm, intriguing and nurturing presentations. Her students say that she is dedicated to bringing out the best in students and mentees as well as coaching clients.

She became fascinated with Energy Psychology after overcoming her 40 year long fear of heights with the original “phobia cure” demonstrated by Jack Canfield.  Hungry to learn and share what she learned, Lorna became a Certified Energy Health Practitioner through the Association for Energy Psychology (ACEP) in 2006 and has been actively involved in the ACEP research committee since then.

She became a volunteer coach for the Veteran Stress Project in 2012 and continues to work with veteran groups in Sacramento, Ca.

A published author, workshop and conference presenter, she continues to learn and share. Her certifications include  EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Healing Codes, Emotion Codes, MBTI and Accelerated Learning. She is also long time member of the Institute for Noetic Sciences, Institute of HeartMath,  Association for Psychological Type, and Coachville’ s Graduate School of Coaching.

Lorna’s philosophy of coaching, teaching and mentoring is to facilitate a high level of learning and self awareness  through experiential learning based on evidence based practices.

Feedback from past class participants:

Feedback and evaluations from EFT Levels 1 & 2 classes taught by Lorna  in Michigan and North Carolina

Average Evaluations: 4.8 and 5.0 on a 5 point scale


Great information and resources.

High interest level.

Wonderful to see and hear such enthusiasm to get the information out.

Your energy and passion is very exciting.

Research going on exciting too.

Very helpful demonstration of aspects and useful information on clinical use of EFT

Good use of exercises

Excellent training

Full of wonderful knowledge that will be utilized personally and professionally!

Great presenter


Lorna is very knowledgeable about subject matter

Thoroughly enjoyed and was enhanced by the sessions

I really enjoyed the presentation

Excellent presenter!

Very practical and down to earth.

Very warm, intriguing and nurturing.

Wonderful way of presenting course

Great training, loved it!


Very nice and accepting of people

Trainer is very open to discussion

Very useful

Lorna is so focused on topics and participants

Best learning experience



She’s great!

This was a fantastic series of workshops

Lorna is able to bring out the best in the participants


On the North Carolina evaluations the question was asked: What change(s) do you plan to make in your practice or professional development as a result of completing this course? 

Responses included:

Apply all content the speaker presented

Introduce into my current practice

Plan to leave current position to practice EFT coaching

More advanced levels of EFT training

Become certified

Experiment with tapping for myself, spouse and some of my clients

Utilization of techniques used

Plan to pursue advanced trainings in EFT

Use EFT to decrease anger, depression and frustration

Integrate into private therapy practice

Feedback from mentees:

Lorna was my mentor for Level II in 2013. She was understanding, compassionate and patient with me throughout the whole process, especially  as I worked out the technical side of recording case studies and getting them to her. I appreciated her flexibility and also getting to meet her other mentees for group mentoring programs. She has stayed in contact with me and my progress and I appreciate that I can still ask a question from time to time and feel supported. I highly recommend Lorna’s services for mentoring.

– Ruthi Cohen-Joyner.

Lorna’s compassion, patience, and expertise are always evident in her mentoring and training. She is firm about upholding the highest standards, but gentle as she guides learners to grow in their skills. I am grateful that Lorna was my mentor, guiding me to certification in EFT.

– Betty Jane Honeycutt

Lorna, has been my EFT mentor/coach for the last two years; and she is an experienced compassionate trainer in this field.  I often refer back to her for feedback when I am working with difficult cases.  This work is much needed in the community because it offers so much good.  Lorna, introduced me to EFT as a veteran participating in the “Vet Stress Project” and since then I became a believer as well as a practitioner.  Thanks Lorna for making a difference in my life.

– Yvonne McJetters U.S. Navy Veteran

Mentoring with Lorna was a wonderful, rich and encouraging experience.  Her breadth of clinical expertise and accurate intuition opened up many helpful new options for me, as I was presenting my client work with her.  I strongly recommend her as an EFT Mentor and Coach.

– Mark Larson DMin, LPCS