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Psychological Trauma Exam

Psychological Trauma Exam

*!Please read ALL instructions before purchasing this exam!*

Thanks for taking this important step toward testing your knowledge of the theories of psychological trauma. A great deal of work and consideration has gone into the creation of the psychological trauma course materials, and we trust that you will gain a great deal of valuable information by taking the course and exam.

This exam is based on 2 books:

1. The Clinical EFT Handbook Volume 1 (Chapters 8 – 17) and

2. Psychological Trauma: Healing Its Roots in Body, Mind and Memory.

Please be very familiar with the material in these books before taking the exam, and have copies of the books nearby when you take the exam.

While we’re testing your knowledge, the questions are also designed to remind you of what you learned in the books; they’re not designed to confuse or discourage you!

If you’re nervous, start tapping.

Answer the questions you find easiest first. Don’t rush; you have 90 minutes to complete the exam and experience shows that students who are well-prepared require much less time than that.

If you don’t pass the exam on the first attempt, you have 6 months in which you can take the exam a maximum of 2 additional times, but we recommend that you take the exam for the first time as soon as you can after completely the course requirements.

The questions you will receive on your individual exam are drawn from a large bank of questions and answers. These rotate randomly each time they’re used, so if you re-test, make sure you know the material thoroughly since you are unlikely to draw the exact same questions.

Exam Information:

Total: 70 questions

– Time provided: 90 minutes.

– Score required to pass: 75% or higher.

– This is an online exam – you will need to have computer and internet access for the duration of the exam.

– Take the exam on a desktop or laptop computer since tablets and smartphones have insufficient capabilities.

– You need an EFTUniverse.com website login. Do not create a 2nd login if you already have one! The exam purchase will come with a link that will prompt you to login to EFTUniverse.

– Tech support for the exam is available Monday to Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST – except U.S. National Holidays.

– You must complete each question before moving on to the next, but you CAN go back and edit your answers.*

*Note: You can change your exam answers before answering the last question on the exam, but not after.

– Upon purchase, you will receive TWO (2) emails. The first is a payment receipt. You’ll get the second a short time later, with instructions and a link to the exam. We recommend that you take the exam as soon as possible.

If you do not see the emails from EFTUniverse, be sure to check your spam folders. Some large free email providers implement a process called “gray listing” which delays suspicious emails for a few days. The emails will eventually be delivered, but it may seem like they’ve gone missing at first. If you have unsubscribed from all emails from EFTUniverse.com you may have an issue in receiving your exam link email and need to sontact support(at)eftuniverse(dot)com.

– Once you start the exam, the clock is ticking – make sure you set aside a full 90 minutes to take it!

Any questions or concerns about the exam, including requesting accommodations for individuals with disabilities, please contact us by submitting a support request by clicking here.



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Please Note:

Make sure that your web browser allows pop-ups. We recommend that you take the exam on a desktop or a laptop computer and stay away from taking the exam on a tablet device or in a location where you are using an open WiFi connection (like a coffee shop or library).  Make sure you have a secure Internet connection and that you can successfully login to EFTUniverse.com under your practitioner membership account. Do not create a 2nd account.

Tech support for the exam is available M-TH 9:00 am – 5:00 pm PST except US National holidays.

If you need to take the exam at a time when tech support is not available and you have a technical issue and your exam times out — know that we will make sure that you still have 3 more attempts to take the exam and pass it without paying for it again.

Note that the causes of email delays can be many:

– Email servers along the way can be overloaded. (Usually with spam)

– Email servers along the way can be down completely.

– Various networking issues can cause an email server to appear down, with the same result.

– Certain spam-fighting techniques can intentionally introduce delays (that cause many spam bots to fail).

– Emails have gone into your spam or other folder and you fail to see them there.

– You need to approve EFTUniverse.com in an email anti-spam filtering tool in your email software.

– You unsubscribed from EFTUniverse.com in the past with the email address you are currently using and your email provider is now blocking EFTUniverse.com emails.

All of these are outside of the control of EFTUniverse. As email travels from one server to the next if “the next” is unable to receive sending server will keep trying periodically — for several days if necessary.