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Steven Kessler

Steven Kessler, MFT, EFT TRN-3

Albany, California

Steven Kessler, MFT, has been a licensed psychotherapist for almost 30 years and is the Director of the EFT Therapy Center in Albany, California. He has studied many different healing modalities, including Character Structure, the Enneagram, NLP, energy work, and Thought Field Therapy, the precursor of EFT. He was originally credentialed in EFT by the Founder of EFT as a Level 2 Certified EFT Practitioner, the first in California and only the sixth worldwide to earn that certification. Since then, he has also been certified as an EFT Advanced Practitioner through ACEP and as an EFT Expert and Trainer-3 by EFT Universe.

Since 1984, Steven has taught hundreds of groups and workshops in the US and internationally, helping men and women heal their wounds and grow into their full adult selves. From 2006 to 2010, Steven left his private practice for 2-3 months a year to work on US military bases both in North America and overseas, helping the soldiers and their families heal the wounds of war. Since 2006, he has taught hundreds of classes and workshops training therapists and the public in the use of EFT. He also provides group and individual consultation in Character Structure and EFT.

Steven is a past President of the East Bay Chapter of CAMFT, where he was named the Outstanding Chapter Leader in 2004. He holds a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Psychology and has spent many years studying the evolution of human consciousness. For over 30 years he has pursued various spiritual and meditation practices, including 16 years in the Diamond Heart meditation school. For over 10 years, he has been a student of Lynda Caesara, studying character structure, the direct perception of energy, and shamanism in the lineage of Don Genarro and the Southern Seers tradition.

In 2015, Steven published “The 5 Personality Patterns,” a groundbreaking self-help psychology book which brings the wisdom of the character structure map of personality out to the general public. It has become a #1 bestseller, and many readers have found its map of personality to be more useful than the Enneagram or the Myers-Briggs. You can find out all about it at The5PersonalityPatterns.com

As both an EFT Expert and Trainer, Steven has earned a reputation for excellence. In training demonstrations and private sessions, students and clients are often amazed at how rapidly he is able to find and clear the core issues and events that have kept the person stuck for years. He will soon begin teaching other EFT practitioners how to achieve similar levels of success by combining the 5 Personality Patterns map of the core wounding process with EFT’s ability to rapidly heal those wounds.

For more information or to register for Steven’s trainings, please visit him at EFTTherapycenter.com

What others are saying about Steven …

“Steven is a master teacher.”– Delya Bull

“The depth of this material enabled us to see a highly skilled EFT Master at work.”– Donna Kuck, about a Level 3 training

“I got more out of this workshop/training than from any other I have taken . . .”– Brenda McCreight, PhD, EFTU Certification Candidate

“I was fortunate enough to work with Steve during my process of certification in EFT. I wanted to work with someone who understood the ins and outs of EFT, the subtleties of the system and could point out connections I may be missing out of habit. I’m actually dumbfounded by how good Steve is with EFT. He has a natural flow with the system, a cautious pace and an enduring presence that creates a spaciousness of safety. His teaching style is that of a master. I highly recommend working with Steve for any and all aspects of understanding and working with EFT.”– Seth Lepore, Intuitive Counselor

“You are a natural teacher and gifted therapist.”– Lynda Hayes, High School Vice Principal

“If you want remarkable transformation in your life and your work, this class is the best place to start. EFT is an incredible tool and Steven is an excellent instructor..”– Fran Friel, Author and Barbara Brennan Practitioner

“Amazing training. Totally worth it. Steven is a great trainer, creates a very nice environment. Fascinating to see EFT in practice.”– Liliana Hernandez, Psychotherapist

“If you want to learn how to start working with clients and grow your confidence and competence with EFT, go to Steven’s course.”– Becky Henderson, Psychotherapist

“Taking this class can change … your life”– Teresa Kaplan, Psychotherapist

“You make it fun to work through such serious, deep emotional issues.”– Cynthia Roberts

“I feel like I can start using EFT right away.”– Susan McCree, Psychotherapist

“I loved the relaxed atmosphere and the live examples.”– Carrie Paulus, Psychotherapist

“Do this. Don’t wait.”– Seth Lepore, Intuitive Counselor

“Steven is an excellent teacher. He is warm and approachable and he presents the material in a very clear, concise and engaging manner”– LeAnne Rozner, Intern Psychotherapist

“This is fun! You’ll never regret having learned these tools! This material is valuable for every human being.”– Janice Baker — EFT workshop student

“Steven has an excellent teaching style — clear, open, and relaxed. He seems exceptionally good at inspiring confidence and creativity in using EFT. Best of all, the depth and breadth of his experience as a therapist shines throughout the course.”– Dana Locke, Psychotherapist

“Take it, yesterday.”– Marcia Jacober, Psychotherapist

“Without the need of insight or cognitive behavioral changes, the client can be healed. Wow.”– Patricia Wilson, Psychotherapist

“Steven was an excellent instructor with tremendous insight and willingness to help. He also kept us on track effortlessly. Bravo! Run, do not walk to this class. Do it now!”– Fran Friel, Barbara Brennan Practitioner

“Thank you for a great training. Your teaching style & compassionate humanity create a wonderful healing space. I not only became comfortable using EFT but also cleared emotional energy from several experiences that I didn’t realize still had a charge for me.”– Linda Stewart, Psychotherapist

“Take it. EFT is amazing and this instructor is great.”– Teresa Kaplan, Psychotherapist