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EFT Tapping Handles Separation Anxiety and Sore Throat

Tapping for Kids book
Dear EFT Community,

Children often respond well to EFT and Kathilyn Solomon gives us a good example of this. Note how the separation anxiety was handled quickly. This often takes months of conventional therapy.

– EFT Universe

By Kathilyn Solomon

A neighbor girl, Angel, 6, has been having separation anxiety from her mother, who started working outside the home recently. Symptoms include crying and crying without stop, with exasperated parents. Nothing seemed to help.

Hearing the nonstop crying from my home (I live above them), I went downstairs and offered to tap on the weeping little one. When people are at the end of their ropes, I have found that they say yes to seemingly crazy ideas. I jumped right in, with phrases something like these…

Even though Mommy isn’t right next to me when I want her, I am a good girl, Mommy and Daddy love me, and the creator loves me too.

Even though I want Mommy with me all the time, I am an awesome girl, and my brothers and family love me, and the creator loves me too.

Even though I want Mommy to hold me like she’s holding Harry [her baby brother], I’m so wonderful…

Even though I’m mad that she’s not with me all the time”

Even though, I’m sad that she’s not with me…

By now the tears had stopped and Angel was looking interested in things around her–the kids, the cats, etc.–so I shifted to:

Even though I’d rather be crying inside here and show them how unhappy I am, I am a wonderful girl, my family and Kittybooboo love me, and the Creator loves me too..

Even though what they’re doing is looking like fun, I’m gonna stay right here and cry, and I love myself no matter what…

Positives: I choose to be happy even when Mommy is working, when Mommy is not here …  Mommy loves me always.  I wonder where Kittybooboo went … I would like to join in with them…

A few seconds later, she jumped up, ran off and began playing and didn’t have another bout for about three months.

Now, three months later, it was the first day of vacation and Angel was stuck inside with a sore throat. Mommy was again gone and Grandma D was visiting, caring for “poor” sick Angel. All the other kids were outside with the first snowfall of the year. I suggested to Angel that we do the magic button trick, if she wanted, for her sore throat.

“Okay,” she said.

I said, “Then you’ll be able to play outside, too!” Grandma D said, “Oh, no, she’s not going outside today.”

Not wanting to be booted out before I got started, I quickly said, “Well, how about we see if this can relieve some of her discomfort with this little technique that has worked before on her?” I didn’t explain to the grandma anything more. We did three rounds. The first on the sore throat. The second on the remaining sore throat. Then on missing Mommy and wanting her to be here.

Her sore throat went from arms as wide as she could make them to arms open just to the width of her chest to absolutely nothing, no pain at all, within five minutes, if that. When I returned from my appointment, guess who was outside sledding happily down the front steps? Angel.

The success stories with kids happen so quickly. They allow issues to dissolve so much more rapidly than adults do. Performance anxiety at recital, car sickness, trauma after falling down, sprains and strains that had a teenager crying in agony, ”voila” gone. Burns relieved before my eyes, toothaches, fear of dentists, tornado fear, and fear of eating fruit after a bout of diarrhea!

Thank you for this wonderful tool.