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EFT Resolves Chronic Constipation Resulting from Trauma

EFT Resolves Chronic Constipation Resulting from Trauma

Dear EFT Community

In this testimonial, Pascale Lutz helps 7-year-old Brian resolve a bowel problem that began when his mother was diagnosed with cancer. In just one fun, 15-minute EFT session he is relieved of a 4-year pattern of chronic constipation.

-EFT Universe

By Pascale Lutz

Brian is the son of my friend Pauline who has cancer and whom I helped for the past year. (Read Pascale’s detailed case study here) I went to see her last week, and she was very well, except the nerve endings repairing themselves in her body, which is a good sign in itself. She said that if she could, she would be wearing no clothes at all at the moment, because the nerves are tingling all over her body, inside, and it’s a very unpleasant feeling, even though she feels no pain. She just has to go through the process. Her taste for food came back; she can taste it again, after 3 years. She has no major pain, except the osteoporosis that was brought on by the chemo, and she’s going 3 times a week to physiotherapy. She has ulcers on her skin at the moment, but it’s all the “badness” of the chemo leaving her body; she’s detoxing. She’s delighted with herself, and taps every night. The doctors can’t understand why her white cells are on the up and why she is 65% better than what they expected. They are not sure EFT helped at all, but Pauline knows better, and that is all that matters.

She told me that Brian, 7, had a blocked bowel, and that he had been waiting to see a consultant since he was 3 years old. I thought I hadn’t understood correctly, but, yes, Brian had been waiting 4 years to see a consultant about that blocked bowel, which happened, no surprise there, when his mum was diagnosed with cancer.

I would like to say a few words about Brian before going into the session I had with him, which was a 2-minute wonder, to my surprise and everyone else’s.

Brian is one of the most lovable children I know. At 3 years old, he said to his dad, ”I’m a carer.” He sees light coming from his fingers, and he said one time to his mum, after I had done some EFT on her and some healing: ”You’re getting better, Mum. There is all white light around you!” Brian is a child who goes to see his older neighbors, instead of playing with his friends in his park, because they are “old and alone.” Little did he know about one lady who never had children, adores them, and would have loved to have had a child; Brian has been going to see her and do gardening with her since he was 4 years old. He went to see another lady, not knowing that she just lost her son to suicide, and just spent time with her.

I had done a bit of EFT with Brian, when his mum wasn’t very well, and his parents told me that there was a lot of anger in him. When I tapped with him, we discovered that there was sadness there also, and fear, unsurprisingly. He was very worried for his mum, and obviously for himself, insecure about what would become of him should his mum not get better. The EFT helped him, especially that we also worked on a mild case of bullying at school that upset him. He’s lucky to have a fantastic father who is very much there for him.

Brian’s constipation was so bad last week that he was admitted to the hospital after collapsing. They put him on two laxatives a day, so I proposed EFT and the parents immediately agreed. I asked them to ask Brian first, to tell him that I would come to do EFT on him like I did before, the magic tapping, and to say to him that he can tell me absolutely everything, that it would stay between him and me, and even if he wants to use bad words to describe how he’s feeling, it’s allowed. Brian agreed straight away when they told him, and I knew he would anyway because we have a great rapport. Every time he sees me, he runs into me, hugs me fiercely, and introduces me to his little friends as the lady who makes his mum better, so the trust is there.

The session with Brian only lasted a quarter of an hour, and I was very skeptical as to how it could be enough or efficient enough, but I decided to trust the process, because after a quarter of an hour, I felt that it was enough. As Brian was tapping, and roaring with laughter at the same time, he could barely repeat what I was saying and sometimes missed the exact points.

Even though I can’t go to the loo, I am a good boy. (3 times)

-I can’t go the loo

-And it hurts my tummy

-I even ended up in hospital

-That wasn’t funny

-The poo is stuck in my tummy (that’s where he started giggling)

-The poo doesn’t want to go

-I want it to go

-I want the poo to leave my tummy

-But it’s stuck there

-Maybe there is something in that poo

-Maybe there is something that is stuck in my poo

-Maybe it’s all the fear I had when Mummy was sick

-It’s all stuck in my poo

-And I was really angry too

-And all that fear and that anger are stuck in my poo

He said then that he wasn’t sad and fearful anymore because he’s aware that his mum is getting better, so I said, “Okay, we’ll say, ‘I WAS fearful and I WAS angry.’”

All that fear

-And all that anger

-They’re stuck in my poo

-I was so afraid and scared

-When Mummy was sick

-I didn’t know if she was going to die

-And then, who would look after me. (He said, “My dad,” so I was glad about that statement.)

-I used to be so afraid

-And so angry

-And so scared

-That in the end

-It all got stuck in my poo

He was still roaring with laughter as he was saying the words, and he was yawning a lot, so I knew he was shifting and releasing a lot of emotions.

-All that fear and anger

They were stuck in my poo

-Go away poo! (He roared with laughter at that!)

-Go away poo!

-I let you go poo

-I don’t need you anymore

-To be stuck in my tummy

-A good poo a day

-Keeps the doctor away. (He couldn’t stop laughing at that one either!)

-Mummy is getting better now

-I can see it every day

-So there is no need for my poo to be stuck

-Go on poo!

-Go on poo!

-Bye bye poo! (He couldn’t even speak at that stage with all the laughing, and I was lauging too at seeing him like that!)

After that, which only lasted roughly a quarter of an hour, I felt it was time to stop, because he wasn’t in any pain at the time, and he had just gone to the loo before I arrived, thanks to the laxatives.

Pauline just sent me a text today, the day after, to tell me that Brian didn’t take any laxatives after I left, and none this morning either, and he went naturally last night and this morning!