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How I am Bringing EFT Tapping to Schools

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By T. Schilling

I was blessed with the opportunity to give a talk about EFT in schools at the Hispanic EFT Conference in Cuernavaca, Mexico. At the time, only one school had allowed EFT in its classrooms. Since then, many schools have opened their doors to EFT tapping.

When I bring up the subject of having brought EFT into a school system, I am often asked the same question:

“How did you get into the school?”

My answer: “Pure and plain LUCK!” (You know the definition of luck right? Luck is when Preparation meets Opportunity.)

I also work diligently on the part that I have control over. When the opportunity appears, it is like a lightning bolt, fast and intense. Everyone wants everything now and immediately.

Recently I was suddenly faced with the question:

“Can you give a talk about this to 150 teachers on Thursday at 10 a.m.?”

My answer: (Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.) “Yes, we can!”

From a quick introductory talk, we immediately signed an agreement to have a specifically tailor-made EFT for Teachers (16 hours) Level I training within 3 weeks. Everyone was excited and the few skeptics in the crowd were momentarily ignored. The workshop was a resounding success. A well-structured layout is important, yet nothing beats an enthusiastic group of people eager to learn and break through personal issues themselves.

We always talk about EFT for Children, yet we forget that children are subject to adults, both parents and teachers.

It has proven to be quite rewarding to work with children by making sure first that the adults that are their mentors are well-balanced and released of their own personal issues. Even more empowering for a child is a mentor who is given the knowledge how to handle future issues themselves.

The workshops are always a success, not just because we talk about EFT, but also because during the time while teachers are tapping with each other, everyone realizes that they all more or less had similar issues as far as school, professional fears and individual challenges. It was amazing to see how many professional rivalry issues and misunderstandings can severely permeate a school’s daily life.

Even the most serious and skeptical of teachers often have personal breakthroughs that allow them to relax, thus bringing about a more positive and helpful attitude.

One director of a school (the first one who took the leap of faith and against all tradition and allowed tapping to become a consistent part of dealing with many growing issues of disharmony) confessed to me that he could not be more proud and happy that he made the decision to allow EFT tapping at his school.

What does his school look like now?

Imagine a school where teachers have dropped the bickering among themselves and about specific “trouble” students. Imagine a place where students are no longer motivated to unruly actions by misguided fear and the need to prove themselves to others. Imagine a place where teachers have classrooms where students are eager to learn because they no longer feel the need to disrupt the classroom because of misplaced attention-seeking issues.

Imagine a place where twice a day the whole classroom taps in order to calm themselves down from the haste of getting to school, and then later the ruckus at recess. Imagine a place where every child knows that they are in an environment that cares enough so that every teacher or classmate can tap the edge off small issues within minutes, so that only the serious cases are left to the counselor.

Does it sound like too good to be true? Well, see for yourself what it is that the most skeptical teacher in the school had to say about his experience with his first graders, to whom he kindly referred to as his can of popping corn.

View on YouTube


Always remember, the act of tapping alone does have an interesting calming effect on anyone who diligently goes through the motions. As adults, many times we have too many issues that allow us to achieve a deep, lasting personal peace unless we seriously work on it and maybe even seek help.

Children instead are much less complicated. Even if their issues are severe, tapping can easily break through a lot of them in a short amount of time.