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EFT Tapping Cures Chronic Burping

Dear EFT Community,

This short anecdote on curing chronic burping is a bit unusual, though not unheard of. There are times that EFT works with amazing speed, but in this case, applying persistent EFT was key. Keep this in mind: it often takes more than one or two rounds of tapping to reach the core issue of a physical ailment and bring relief to you or a client.

– EFT Universe

By Paul Bergman

My wife and I run a therapy practice in Herne Bay, Kent. Recently we heard on our local radio breakfast show about an elderly lady in Essex who had not been out of her house for two years because she suffered from chronic burping. We contacted her and offered her our services free of charge. We contacted Grace (name changed) and went to see her at her home.

Understandably, Grace was quite down about her problem, as she had had all sorts of tests for all sorts of medical conditions, but everything came back negative.

Unfortunately, the belching was quite long and loud and painful and caused her embarrassment whenever she went out–something she had stopped doing, apart from hospital or doctor’s appointments. Imagine drinking two cans of Coca-Cola very quickly one after the other and then imagine the sort of noise you might make. That was what Grace had to put up with.

Anyway, we spent the best part of six hours with her on that first Saturday using EFT. By talking to her and understanding how the chronic belching started, we understood that one of her core issues was stress–the stress of being retired from full-time employment and missing the social aspect of work, stress of moving home and not liking the area she was in, and stress due to family issues. We tapped on all these issues with:

Even though I don’t like living in this area… [and the other issues] and included, “I choose to accept my situation.

As the belching was the cause of some past embarrassing experiences in public, we used the Movie Technique to remove the feeling of hurt and embarrassment of the memory of a family laughing and pointing at her at a railway station.

The first session lasted around six hours. This is unusual for us, as normally they only last about 1 to 1.5 hours. But Grace lived a fair distance from us and we wanted to get in as much work with her as we could. Although we had not entirely cleared the belching, we had managed to reduce the intensity of the belches so (a) they did not happen as frequently, and (b) they no longer caused pain.

The following week we went back to see her and again used EFT and hypnotherapy and we were with her again for around six hours. By the end of the session, she was able to walk up and down the stairs without making a sound and when she did belch again (once seated), it was no longer painful and considerably less frequent.

During this session, Grace told us how much happier she was feeling and that we had restored her faith in human nature. She was grateful for our assistance. As her son pointed out, we had spent more time with her in two weeks than all the doctors put together in the last two years.

For the first time in two years, she was actually excited to be able to plan to go out of the house and was making arrangements whilst we were there to go and visit with her son, somewhere other than the doctor or hospital. Grace loved her garden and was looking forward to a trip to the local garden centre.

She was talking to us about being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, at last, and was talking about visiting her daughter in America later this year, something that she had not done for over two years since her condition came on.

I spoke to Grace during the following week, and she was much happier than when my wife and I originally spoke to her. She had been able to have friends round and stay over, which she hadn’t previously done, and they had noticed a big difference in her: she was happier and the belching was less frequent and not causing any pain. We then arranged for a follow-up session for the next weekend.

During the week, her son called with the sad news to say that Grace had passed away suddenly after a massive heart attack. This was a big shock to everyone, especially her sons and daughters who could see the improvement in her and in the quality of her life. She had so much to live for and was looking forward to the day when she could once again go outside without fear of being embarrassed by her condition. Both Grace and ourselves could see that day was very close.

We enjoyed working with this remarkable lady and her passing was so sad, especially as she was once again well on the road to recovery. We attended her funeral and it was nice for us that so many of her friends and family came up to us and thanked us for helping her. Her daughter from America told us that she had spoken to Grace the day after our first visit. She said that she could hear the change in her voice and she was sounded so much more like her “old mum.”