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EFT for Multiple Sclerosis Testing

EFT for Multiple Sclerosis Testing

Dear EFT Community,

Mary Folse shares her story of how she used EFT to deal with the MRI testing for her Multiple Sclerosis and how EFT helped her deal with all aspects of the MRI as well as how it helps her feel in her everyday life.

-Stephanie M

By Mary Folse

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1989. It was frightening getting the diagnosis, especially because my three daughters were young and I worried that the MS would leave me physically unable to take care of them.

Over the years since then, I have used EFT for various aspects of my condition, including sleep issues, getting off medication, and managing my symptoms. Most recently, I tapped to help me cope with having an MRI to assess the changes in my nervous system. I’ve had numerous of these scans since my diagnosis and it is a difficult experience to endure.

The day before the MRI, I tapped on getting a restful sleep that night. I did. The next morning I tapped for my spirit to be totally at peace. I tend to choose mostly positive choice statements. It is what works for me.

Here’s what I tapped on in the round of tapping points:

Karate Chop: I have an MRI today.

Eyebrow: I am relaxed and calm.

Side of eye: Even though I could be anxious, I am relaxed and calm and know it will be a restful experience.

Under the eye: I will be at peace for my MRI. Under the nose: It will be easy.

Chin: I will be so relaxed during the MRI. Collarbone: I will be so rested from this MRI. Under the arm: It will be so easy.

Top of head: This MRI will be easy and I am unafraid of what will be discovered. It’s easy to go into the MRI tube thinking, “Oh, boy, here I go again…I wonder if they will find new lesions on my brain.”

So I tapped on that:

Karate Chop: I’m afraid I will have a change in my test.

Eyebrow: I’m afraid new lesions will show up.

Side of eye: New lesions could show up.

Under the eye: I choose to believe that it will be an easy test.

Under the nose: I choose to believe all results will be good.

Chin: I choose to relax and just take it as it comes.

Collarbone: I choose to relax; it is just an assessment. I don’t pass or fail like a test.

Under the arm: I choose to relax.

Top of the head: I am relaxed.

I started the test. I was put in the machine at around 9:15. When you first go into the tube, it feels very confining and the noise of the clicks are annoying.  I had to be very still, so I tapped in my mind on staying still. I visualized the Karate Chop point, the Eyebrow point, and so on. As I visualized, I lost any fear of the test.  I mentally tapped on “Gratitude” and concerns for my family. I prayed and tapped gratitude.

In my mind, while visualizing the points, I mentally tapped on:

Karate Chop: I am so thankful to have this time to rest and pray for my family.

Eyebrow: I am so thankful for my girls and their husbands.

Side of eye: I am so thankful for my grandchildren.

And so on…

This meditation continued for almost two hours. I had to be absolutely still and was doing fine at that until at an hour and a quarter someone told me I was moving. Then I mentally tapped for letting go of movement. Midway through the procedure, I was given an injection. That is always an anxious moment for me and I mentally tapped while they proceeded to look for the vein in my arm.

Prior to this, it had always taken three to five needle pricks for the nurse to find my vein, the result being bruising and sometimes pain. My script for the vein search went like this (again, I was visualizing the tapping since I was strapped to a table, unable to move):

Karate Chop: Oh boy, they need to find a vein.

Eyebrow: My veins are so long and thin.

Side of eye: My blood is flowing easily and freely today.

Under the eye: My veins are easily visible…I completely and deeply accept my wonderful veins.

Under the nose: My veins are so easy to find.

Chin: I love and accept my wonderful veins.

Collarbone: I love and know that I have a wonderful circulatory system.

Top of head: I love and accept all of me, fearfully and wonderfully made.

It was the very first time my vein was found immediately. The injection medicine did not burn or affect me in any adverse way. I felt nothing!

I did not even have a bruise where the injection was given. But for the fact that they put a cotton ball there, I would never have been able to tell you where the injection was done. This MRI experience was remarkable, so different from the many other awful times when I didn’t tap.

By the way, there were no adverse changes in my nervous system since my previous MRI several years ago. This is just one of many stories of how EFT has helped. This EFT walk is such a daily thing. I pray with my EFT. It lifts my spirit and makes me calm.