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EFT Tapping for Scoliosis Restores Body’s Balance

EFT Tapping for Scoliosis Restores Body’s Balance

Dear EFT Community,

Conventional medical treatment for scoliosis, an abnormal curvature of the spine, is back braces and surgery. This article from Al Rodee implies that EFT may be another useful tool in addressing this ailment. Please consult a physician on all medical issues.

– EFT Universe

By Al Rodee

My most recent, and best, EFT story is about a young woman, we’ll call Sarah, who was diagnosed from birth with scoliosis. She had been coming to my free intro session for three weeks. We had worked on her strained relationships with her mother and sister, but one day she told me she was in pain and that her left shoulder had been frozen for as long as she could remember–part of her scoliosis symptoms. She literally walked with a lean to her right side and her arms hung unevenly (a two-inch difference) when she stood up as “straight” as she could.

She regularly has chiropractic, massage, and acupuncture treatments. We worked, directly and mechanically, on the physical imbalance for four rounds of EFT with marginal impact. She then informed me that her mother had no contractions before her delivery and her amniotic fluid had dried up without anyone knowing it. This led to Sarah being dehydrated at birth.

We tapped for forgiveness of her mother and forgiveness of Sarah during this difficult delivery time. Suddenly, she became overwhelmingly sad. The sadness was about the fact that no one ever took her physical pain and discomfort seriously. She had learned to downplay the impact and not complain about it and when she did talk about it her pain was dismissed as seemingly not important.

I used a visualization technique whereby Sarah imagined a bright pinpoint of light illuminating her shoulder and asked her to describe what she saw in there. The answer was a dark, round, spot of pain and the intensity was 4 on a scale of 0 to 10. As we talked and tapped about her sadness, the pain in her shoulder moved to her neck and she developed spasms. Her arm and fingers also became very warm and tingly. A couple more rounds of EFT, using the adjusted reminder phrases Even though I still have some of this paindiscomfort, sadness, imbalance, and she felt calm and relaxed.

I checked in on the intensity and she said it was 0. We measured her arms, as we had done earlier, and they were exactly the same length. She was actually standing in balance without discomfort. As we left that night, she kept saying as she laughed, “This feels really weird. I have never been able to walk in balance before.” I guess EFT can balance the physical body while balancing our energy system at the same time.

I warned her the frozen shoulder might return as her cells re-create from what they were (body memory) and she would have to practice EFT, diligently, for herself for 21 days (think of it as changing the habits of your cell re-creation) until she had developed healthy cells again. 

When people have chronic physical problems, it is my intuition to prescribe EFT three times a day for at least 21 days once the pain has been relieved the first time. This seems to overcome the re-creation of those cells that were created with pain receptors that attract pain peptides to them.


Two months later: Sarah continues to walk in balance. She originally felt resistance to my prescription of tapping three times per day to maintain her balanced state but, being a good EFT student, thought to tap on that resistance and is now mostly pain free and walking tall.

I hope someone will get something useful from this story.