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EFT Tapping Put 10 Years of Restless Leg Syndrome to Rest

EFT for Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue

By Jan Luther, EFT Master

My client David had initially contacted me for assistance in applying EFT for weight (he has released 14 pounds), clearing blockages related to life work (he has just incorporated his new business), and his desire to interact with others without “acting out of myself” (he has reported many incidents of peaceful conversations where he no longer feels he needs to “convince others” to agree with his point of view).

In our seventh session, David called me on his cell phone from his parked car in a parking lot at a hotel.

After our usual brief but heartwarming follow-up discussion regarding successes from his previous session, he said he had two things that he would like to address: restless leg syndrome and sleep apnea.

His main goal was to get off of the RLS medications and, of course, to release the bothersome symptoms.

This presented two challenges: the symptoms were not currently “active” and the problem appeared to have no specific incident that initiated it. It turned out, however, to be one of those wonderful sessions when grace stepped in and the intention and simplicity of EFT were effective “in spite of” the seemingly global nature of the problem.

We were saved by the 0-10 intensity ratings. Because I was able to find phrases that had high distress, I trusted that we were at somewhere near the core.

I began by asking David two questions:

“What was going on at the time of onset?”

“What are the physical symptoms like?”

The essence of his answers:

“I was under a lot of emotional stress because of situations with my son and with a difficult personal relationship at the time.”

When he described the symptoms and sensations of RLS, I was able to paraphrase to him that I imagine it is something like the “irritation of an itch that increases if you do not scratch it.” He heartily agreed that this analogy was accurate.

The two phrases that we used as our “jumping off point” were:

“I am holding my breath” intensity of an 8


“I want to run away but I can’t” intensity of an 8

(He actually had a higher voice response, but he chose the number 8.)

While a simplified version of EFT would no doubt have been effective using these two phrases, I need to explain that my particular formula for doing EFT is a bit different than some. I begin with information gathering, taking copious notes, and highlighting the phrases or story scenes that “ping.”

A “ping” to me is a way of describing how these phrases both feel and sound to me. They are an energetic- physical constriction and/or tightness in the tone of voice that the client exhibits. Once I have what “feels like” adequate information and I have a few key phrases that “ping,” I clear my mind and begin to offer what inevitably comes through me as a sort of short story.

I often refer to these sessions as “sermons to myself” because I always learn something in the process. While I have no particular formula or amount of time that I choose to stay on one point, I do tend to invest a substantial amount of time clearing psychological reversal (PR).

So, with that in mind, here is the transcript of my session with David (starts half way through the session).

Jan: “I want to do a couple rounds on the restless legs.” The phrase that pinged for me: “I want to run away but I can’t.”


Even though I have this funny disease, I deeply and completely accept myself. 

Isn’t it funny that the doctors would actually make a name for this?

They call it restless legs

I don’t have restless elbows (more giggles)

Or a restless nose

I have restless legs

Isn’t it funny that they gave it a title?

That doesn’t mean anything

It is just a description of the sensation (light bulb moment?)

My legs feel restless

So we need some medicine for that?

Maybe my spirit

Is sending me a message again

About what is going on internally…

And it makes perfect sense

That it is showing up in my legs

Because my legs are all about movement

They are about moving forward

Or backward

They are about running away

They are about stomping (not sure he heard this one)

And stepping out and

And stomping my foot (We incorporated a different core issue we had been working on around convincing others to his viewpoint.)

My legs can teach me a lot if I pay attention

And that is why they feel fidgety

I am not listening

And they are trying to send me some message

And I am really grateful

Because it is for my healing

And I am ready to have my healing today


I have this belief

That to be honorable and virtuous

I have to stand strong

And sometimes, especially in my past

I wasn’t feeling very strong


When my son was going through his problems

I felt so weak and helpless (his own words)

And I wasn’t standing up for me (his story)

And I didn’t know how to stand up for him

And part of me wanted to just run away (there it is!)

But I wouldn’t let myself

And that memory is in my legs

That is why they feel itchy and twitchy and restless (the words we found rapport on “itchy”)


I am praising my legs today

For listening to me back then

I was fighting every natural instinct to run

And they were right to want me to run

I felt like it was dangerous there


It was painful there

And anyone smart will run away from pain

But I made my legs obey

I made them stay

So all of this itching and twitching

Is just a sign

That I confused what, I thought…

As a natural instinct to run

Because I thought I was in danger

My body did, anyway


I want to praise my legs today

They had the right impulse back then

To get me away from the pain

I am acknowledging today

That they were good

And obeyed me

Even against every natural instinct they had


So if my legs feel restless now

I am going to do some tapping

And I am going to talk to them

I am going to ask them

What is going on?

Why do we feel fidgety?

What thought are we having?

That makes me think I want to run?

And as I learn to listen and communicate with my body

Everything will go back to normal


I wanted to run but I couldn’t do it

Good Legs


I wanted to be strong and stand up

And I did it

Good legs


I am so proud of my legs

For wanting to protect me

And I am reminding them today

That the danger is gone

And we are safe

And we can relax

And be at ease now


Good legs

I am proud of them

They were working perfectly

And they can relax now


They are working perfectly

I am proud of them

They got all the messages right

Until now…..


Because I am safe and I don’t need to run

I am safe and I don’t need to stomp my feet

And I can relax

And I don’t have to be so pushy about being strong


My strength is from my inner self now

(Note: there is a change in his tone of voice! Upon hearing acceptance of the new reframe I began to AFFIRM what he wants to have now because the incongruence or “zzzzt” has cleared.)

And I actually feel my legs thanking me

Thanking me

For letting them off the hook now


They are finally “off duty”


They can “stand down” now

And I thank them


Calm and restful legs

Feels so good

I am so grateful.


Jan “How does that feel?”

David: “Feels great!” (laughing)

Jan: “Any thoughts or ideas come up around what we working on?”

David: “I just feel so relaxed!  Sooo relaxed (giggles).

END of recording section

We devoted a few minutes to other issues and then came back to test the two phrases:

I am holding my breath

I want to run but I can’t

The SUD level for both phrases was 0.

(Please note that during the session I am not intentionally creating the wording. I am seldom fully aware of the impact or importance of some of the phrases or why they are chosen. When I review the session, however, I am able to hear and recognize how Holy Spirit has incorporated things and helped me verbalize things in often deep and profound ways.)

Two weeks later I received an email from David:

“I wanted you to know that the tapping we did for the restless legs on the 19th of January cleared the blockage and balanced the energy related to the situation. Thank you for being who you are!

“I wanted to write andarticle to the AMA and tell them that I was completely relieved of the medical condition of Restless Legs during a treatment by Jan Luther, a Practitioner of Energy Medicine in Charlotte, NC.  Further I was relieved of this condition while sitting in my car in a parking lot at the Ramada Inn off Interstate 95 in Titusville, Florida.

“I had second thoughts, however, about sending this story of the restless legs out over the internet; imagine how the story would have changed along the way; how it would have read when we once again saw it.”

It has now been three months and David has not had any recurring RLS symptoms.