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MD Uses EFT for Rheumatoid Arthritis

MD Uses EFT for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Dear EFT Community,

Dr. Raul Vergini shares his approach to treating physical conditions by clearing the emotional roots of the problem with EFT. Here he relates a case of rheumatoid arthritis and provides a follow-up. 

– EFT Universe

 By Raul Vergini, MD

I am glad to report to you that I’m having great results with EFT in a very severe case of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) in a 42-year-old woman.

She began to suffer from RA about five years ago. The illness developed very quickly, and soon she had to take cortisone or anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) daily to be able to get out of bed and to eat something. She has lost weight and often has a fever.

Her lab exams show a very high rheumatoid factor. Her hands and feet are already deformed and painful, and the jaw was deformed too (she had a surgical correction for it). She walks with some difficulty (she is rather stiff) and moves her legs in a “robot-like” (or goose-like) fashion during walking. She has to keep her hands on her legs to help herself when rising from sitting.

This illness began in a period when she was very stressed by her father and then by the chief of a group where she took a course of “pranic healing” (some kind of pranotherapy). I investigated a bit and discovered that her father had humiliated her since her childhood and constantly told her that she was no good at anything, and that outside of his “circle” (she worked with him) she never would have had any future. And she told me that actually she never succeeded in anything she tried to do by herself (very big writings on her walls!).

When she decided to take that course of pranic healing, she got into big troubles with her father who wanted her to continue to work with him and not waste time in such a stupid and useless thing.

She took the course anyway. Then she discovered that the chief of this group (a woman) was very similar to her father (humiliating her). In spite of this, she remained in the group for five years.

During these years, the illness quickly worsened, and the doctors said that hers was a very severe case that usually progressively worsens.

In summary, she has very serious issues with self-evaluation, lack of confidence in herself, and abuse. To make a long story short, the first time I saw her we tapped on the father issue, and without treating anything directly related to her illness (pain, stiffness, etc.), she was much less stiff and walked decidedly better (she said about a 50 percent amelioration).

She remained rather well for about three days, then after a phone call from her father and a small argument with him, she had some worsening of her condition. Moreover, she didn’t correctly do the “homework” I had given her for that week.

Yesterday she came for the second time. She was better than when I first saw her, but not as good as she had been when she left my office after the first treatment. We worked for an hour and a half on several problems and aspects (father, chief of the group, other failures she had) and she was even able to laugh at some of them after the tapping (when they had made her cry some minutes before!).

At the end of the session, we had a very big improvement (always without touching the physical part of the illness). A pain in the jaw that she’d had daily for months since the jaw operation (diagnosed as neuralgia) disappeared. She walked much better, and for the first time her legs moved “correctly” during walking without the usual robot-like motion. She was much less stiff than usual and was able to rise quickly from sitting without using her hands as support.

When the friend that accompanied her to my office saw her after the treatment, the friend was shocked and said, “It’s a miracle!” I can say that when my client walked out of my office, she was transformed. She was full of joy, and embraced and kissed me in thanks. I too was surprised by the great improvement; I had confirmation of how much our emotions can influence our physical health, and of how powerful EFT can be, even in these very severe physical diseases.

Of course, she is not cured and there is still a lot of work to do with her, but for the first time she knows that there is hope for her condition, and this is the first step in her journey to a better emotional and physical health.


Yesterday I again saw the woman with RA. She was better, not much loss of benefit during this past week. She told me she was very fine on Thursday, so she decided to not take her usual anti-inflammatory drug and went out with a friend for a walk.

Along the way, she unexpectedly saw the funeral of a young boy who had been killed in a car crash. This emotion made her immediately worse, so that she walked much worse when coming back home and she had to take her drug for pain. This demonstrates that her psychological-emotional equilibrium is still very delicate.

However, she was rather good yesterday. Not much improvement on arms yet, but they are better than at the beginning of the EFT sessions. We worked for over an hour and a half yesterday on some mother issues that came to her mind, and on the fact that she doesn’t accept her deformed hands. When I asked her if she thinks she really deserves to heal, she said, I don’t know”. So there still is some strong low-confidence and guilt issues underlying her illness.

When I asked her to sum up her improvements to date, from the beginning of our treatments, she said:

– much less pain during night (now she can sleep well)

– no fever

– a small increase in body weight

– no more need to bandage the wrists (she used these bandages to reduce pain)

– a bit less swelling and maybe a little less deformation in fingers (these can be moved more freely now and also in the “right” direction)

– less swelling in feet (no more pain from a “growing bone” into the heel; it seems to have stopped its growth)

– much improvement in stiffness and mobility in the pelvis (now she walks in a nearly normal way)

– no more pains and neuralgia in the jaw (they appeared after the dentistry and surgical work to fix the deformed jaw)

Summing up, she estimates the overall improvement at least 50 percent better. She still cannot avoid the two doses daily of her NSAIDs, but I am confident that we can begin to reduce them soon.