The Emotional Roots of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

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Sarah Marshall recovered from chronic fatigue herself, and went on to become an EFT practitioner. You’ll find several stories on EFT Universe about people she’s worked with for similar conditions. Below, she works on her client’s generalities till the client comes up with a specific event, which produces a reduction in distress.

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By Sarah Marshall

I work many people with ME/CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome). One of my clients, who I will call ‘Carolyn’, and I recently worked together on her belief of not being sure she deserved to be healthy. In fact she scored herself 6 out of 10 on a scale of 0 to 10, on ‘deserving to be healthy’ so we started with:

Even though I don’t deserve to be healthy…

Even though I know logically everyone deserves to be healthy, I don’t feel I deserve to be healthy…

I asked why she felt she didn’t deserve to be healthy.  She said she felt life was precarious, so we tapped on, Even though life feels precarious… Then she felt she was protecting herself so we then tapped on ‘protecting myself’.  After that, she felt as though she was in a dark place.  I immediately checked her intensity as I wasn’t sure where she was; she felt a level of intensity of 4 out of 10 anxious and it was ok to stay where she was.  We tapped as follows,

Even though it’s dark and I have this anxiety…

Even though I’m protecting myself from the dark…

The intensity went down to 1 or 2 out of 10, and she was able to give me more information.  She was in her mother’s womb and she had a sense of her mother’s waters breaking and a feeling of the world not being a safe place, which we tapped on.  At this point Carolyn got very tearful so we just kept tapping until her tears subsided.  The darkness had then changed to a fluffy nest-like place that was peaceful.

I got a sense it would be good to ask Carolyn how she would feel if she were to imagine ‘being’ her mother at this time, checking beforehand what her intensity would be.  She felt no intensity at all. So I got her to be her mother and we tapped on the feelings that came up:

Even though I’m scared I’m going to lose my child…

Even though I was told I couldn’t have anymore children…

Even though I desperately want my child, I’m scared I’m going to lose her…

We tapped through the specific events with Carolyn as her mother; on being told she couldn’t have children and on being told that there was a strong chance that she would lose her child.  We tapped until the emotions were released.  As with any specific event, I was checking Carolyn’s intensity throughout as she was her mother.

We then tapped on the birth and her not being able to breastfeed her child afterwards.  We left her mother feeling calm, loved and support during the events we worked through.  Her Mum had desperately wanted her and loved her from the moment she found out she was pregnant.  But Carolyn had picked up that she may not survive and the uncertainty of whether she deserved to be healthy was formed.

To test our work, I checked Carolyn’s intensity at the thought of going back in the womb and it was a 0 out of 10. So we got her to go back in the womb and it was still fluffy and nest-like. She felt a little apprehensive – which we tapped on – and then she realised that it was because the birth had started and she felt it was natural to feel that way.

At the end of the session I checked Carolyn’s beliefs, and how she felt emotionally.  The belief that the world is not a safe place had changed to the world is ok, and it no longer felt precarious but life is ok.  I asked her for her to score herself again on her level of intensity regarding her deserving to be healthy, and she gave herself an 8 out of 10.

We have since worked together in a number of sessions working through specific events that compounded her feelings of not being safe and her score of deserving to be healthy has moved up to 9.5 out of 10.  Carolyn has also experienced gradual relief from her symptoms as we’ve continued to clear specific events from her past and collapsing beliefs that have had an impact on her health.

With love and warmth

Sarah Marshall

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