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How to Use EFT to Heal Your Heart and Trust Again

How to Use EFT to Heal Your Heart and Trust Again

Dear EFT Community,

Aileen Nobles illustrates how EFT tapping is effective in healing our past relationships.  We often need to work with the protective subconscious to release the psychological reversal which keeps us from getting to where we consciously want to be. Note that Aileen refers to specific events related to the creation of this block which were cleared with tapping.


By Aileen Nobles

Laura, when she came to me, wanted so desperately to trust again and open her heart to the new relationship in her life.  She had chosen many relationships before, that always ended up with the other partner cheating on her.

Laura was bi-sexual and had disappointments with both sexes.

She was a musician and very spiritual and knew that these experiences were all about her learning and growth, but that didn’t make them any less painful.

We had already worked with the abandonment issues when her father left her mother and she was five years of age.

While living with her mother, she was also subjected to more abandonment as her mother invited many men into the apartment where they lived.  When this happened Laura had to stay in her room no matter what time of night, hungry or not, scared or not…

It was not surprising that Laura attracted relationships with people who were not there for her emotionally. In her present relationship her partner was there for her, but she found herself distant and unable to open up to trust again.

We tapped on:

“I can’t go through any more pain.”

“It’s not safe to open my heart and trust again.”

“I would much rather stay shut inside here and be safe.”

“No one is going to get to my heart again.”

“I am so lonely in here, and I really don’t want to hurt my partner, but that’s the way it goes.”

“I am safe.”

“I am lonely.”

“I can be safe and lonely for the rest of my life, or I can have a different perspective on life.”

At this point the intensity when thinking about experiencing more pain in her life was down to a three… quite a way from a ten.

“Even though I am seeing this new relationship through the window of my eyes, based on my past experiences and beliefs, I love and accept myself anyway.”

Maybe I am looking through an unclear window that is covered with dirt and dust and that’s why I can’t see clearly.”

As she tapped on the karate point Laura imagined herself cleaning the window… She was able to do that.

As she looked out her window she imagined she was looking at herself but could still see a wall around her heart.

We talked about her inability to communicate what she was feeling, and how this frustrated her partner.  This choice to not voice her feelings had happened over the last few years.  Now she chose not to speak up and express herself rather than get into arguments.

We tapped on:

“Even though I can see more clearly, I still have a wall around my heart.”

“Even though I now have a different perspective, I am still protecting myself.”

“I would like to begin to take out a few bricks… or would I?”

“I want to… but it’s not safe.”

“I want to but it’s not safe, or is it?”

“I am now taking out a few bricks.”

At this point she was tapping on her thymus which is usually a good place to tap when dealing with heart issues.

“As I now remove all my bricks, I am sending out a new energy.  My relationships can now be more loving and open.”

“What if it’s safe for me to express how I feel.”

“It’s not fair of me to not talk through our issues.”

“I keep hoping someone will wave a magic wand, and we will completely understand each other.”

“It’s up to me to express my feelings, and now I am ready.”

“I am ready to open up my heart.”

She saw herself removing all the bricks, and I thought we were home free and clear until I checked with my inner guidance.

I checked in with her Subconscious to see if she was ready to trust.  She tested that she wanted to, she needed to, she deserved to, but “no” to “allowing.”

As we continued testing, we found out that she was holding on to a “not safe” program on the etheric level.  The subconscious did not know how to work with this level, so Higher Self was asked for its help.

As we connected with her Higher Self and Laura gently tapped on the karate point, we had the old programming of betrayal and hurt removed from her etheric body, and replaced with trust and love.  This was transmitted to her subconscious, emotional, mental and physical bodies.

It felt as if a weight had been lifted off her.

We tapped in:

“I am now in Spiritual alignment. I am open to trust and create deeper loving relationships than ever before.”

A couple of months ago Laura informed me her relationship is wonderful and has lasted over a year at this point, which is a long time by her standards.

She is so appreciative to now be open to love without fear.

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