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How to Get Over Disappointment with the Help of EFT Tapping

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Dear EFT Community,

Learn how to get over hurt, anger, disappointment, and unmet expectations with EFT tapping. EFT user, Catherine O’Driscoll, shares how she used EFT to deal with her disappointment and how tapping seemed to help make things better.

-EFT Universe

By Catherine O’Driscoll

There was a time in my life when seemed like things weren’t going particularly well for me.

I had organized two workshops and publicized them, but the response was so poor I had to cancel one of them. The one remaining would have to be cancelled if I couldn’t get 10 people to attend. This really upset me because I’m a marketing and PR consultant, so I should be able to communicate a workshop’s benefits.

“Why don’t people want to come to this?” I asked myself. I was depressed, really depressed.

When I realized my life wasn’t going along as I had imagined, I found myself being really angry with my husband–everything he did was wrong. One evening, I even stomped off into our garden to sit with my dogs. I felt completely devastated.

I sat there, complaining bitterly to myself about everything my husband did wrong.

And then the thought: “I am such a failure, I fail at everything I do.” came into my head.

Do you know how sometimes these thoughts are so deeply ingrained that we often don’t see them?

But I caught it! I saw myself having this thought!

So I began to tap:

“Even though I’m a total failure, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

Instantly, I forgave my husband (who was innocent in the first place). I wasn’t angry with him, I was angry with myself – the root of my depression, perhaps.

In fact, the more I used EFT, the more I realized that the negative thoughts I had towards other people, were rooted in negative thoughts I had about myself. I guess anger and depression are very closely related.

Then I returned indoors, I hugged my husband, and explained how I wasn’t angry with him, I was angry with myself and I felt much better. He was relieved!

There’s even a happier ending to this story. My workshop near where I live ended up doubling in size–more than I had hoped for. They signed up through word of mouth about my workshops. I did virtually nothing, and yet all these people were coming to my workshop.

Apart from spreading the word on EFT, which is a dearly cherished goal, I have also met some wonderful new friends.

And now I remember to tap whenever I am feeling disappointed in myself, or in current circumstances, and find that, almost immediately, everything changes for the better!