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EFT Relieves Dizziness and Nausea in 10 Minutes

EFT Relieves Dizziness and Nausea in 10 Minutes

Dear EFT Community,

Marilee Jones writes about using EFT for a woman incapacitated by dizziness and nausea on a New York City sidewalk. She had no idea what the problem was and it had been debilitating her for 40 minutes before Marilee came on the scene and used EFT. Ten minutes later, the woman was fine. 

– EFT Universe

By Marilee Jones

I’ve been reading the EFT newsletters for several years and want to thank all involved for their continuation. The information really matters.

I have a “one-minute wonder” story for you. [EFTU note: It actually took 10 minutes, but it was one of those rapid EFT results, so Marilee calls it a “one-minute wonder.”]

Let me preface this by saying that I’m not an EFT practitioner nor am I certified, though I use EFT all the time.

A few weeks ago I attended a chic party in a brownstone on one of those impossibly hip side streets that you find only in New York City where I currently live. The party was thrown by a well-known fashion designer and so was filled with the fashion elite. As my partner and I left the building, we heard the sobs and moaning of a woman sitting bent over on the curb. Another woman was leaning over her and looking around frantically for help. People were coming and going from the party, passing her by, and we almost did as well, figuring she was drunk. But as I walked by, I noticed that she and her friend were older (the party was a young crowd) and they seemed totally out of place. I used to be an EMT back in the day, so I took a deep breath and approached them to see if I could help.

Turns out the woman on the curb was the mother of a young woman who was somehow attached to the people throwing the party and she’d come by train with her friend from Long Island to experience her daughter’s scene. She had not been drinking, nor had she had any liquid that someone might have dropped something into. She felt fine when she entered the party, but after a while in the crush and the noise she began to experience a dizziness that soon became incapacitating. By the time she left the building and reached the street, she could no longer walk and had to sit on the curb. She had been there for at least 40 minutes before we arrived, unable to lift her head, and her dizziness and nausea had only gotten worse. The friend pleaded with me for help. She was not familiar with the city and had no idea what to do. I checked the woman quickly, smelled no alcohol on her breath and realized that I had no idea what was wrong except that the woman was in complete agony. She was moaning, sobbing, and simply unable to lift her head.

I knew there was a hospital a few blocks away and that we could get her help that way very quickly, but I was suddenly inspired to use EFT, so I asked them both if they were willing to trust me for a few minutes while I used a strange technique that I thought might work. They both eagerly agreed. So while I placed my hand on the woman’s shoulder, I began to tap on myself for her–right there on the street, as scores of people came and went from the party. I was embarrassed at first since I must have looked strange, but I figured that it was NYC after all, so no one would notice much. Then I wondered how I would feel if it didn’t work. I kept looking at my partner, who urged me to keep going. He’s had EFT and is a believer.

After about 5 minutes of talking and tapping, I asked the woman on the curb how she was doing. Her crying had stopped. I tapped for another minute or so and she said she felt “different.” Finally, after about 8 minutes, she lifted her head and looked around, simply amazed that her dizziness was gone. Her friend now burst out crying from relief while my partner smiled and winked at me.

Although the dizziness had subsided, her nausea remained so we worked on that for a few more minutes until she felt well enough to stand and look around her in utter disbelief. The two women looked at me as if I was the Messiah or something and asked, “What the hell just happened? How did you do that?!” I laughed and told them it was called EFT or tapping, got out one of my business cards, and wrote the term on the back for them to check out later. They laughed and hugged me and hurried on to catch the last train back to Long Island after promising me that she would see a doctor the next day just to check her out since nothing like that had ever happened to her before.

My partner and I then grabbed a cab and just like that we were back to normal life. We sat in silence for a minute in the back of the cab, and then he leaned over to kiss me and whisper, “Another New York moment,” after which we both laughed in relief and amazement.

It was unbelievable how that woman could go from feeling so sick to okay in minutes. It was so dramatic that even a skeptic would’ve been moved. EFT is just a miracle.

I hope that this story gives others the courage to try it in emergency situations just as others’ stories in previous newsletters have helped me. Thank you for providing the venue for sharing.

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