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Dyslexia Gone with EFT

By John Blosse

One of my wife’s massage clients named Winston expressed an interest in EFT and asked me if it would work on a dyslexia problem that had held him back all his life. I told him that EFT can be used on everything and he booked a session with me.

During the session I asked him if he could remember a time when he had been dyslexia-free. He told me he’d always had the problem and had many fears around reading. I asked him how it would feel to read from a book right now and he said that he was quite scared but would give it a try. I told him that when using EFT we don’t need to be brave and force our way through the fear, we can tap to reduce the fear (which was 8 out of 10). We tapped on:

Even though I have this fear of reading…

After one round the fear had gone and Winston was able to pick up the book and start reading. He began to read but stopped after a sentence and a half. “The words are moving,” he said. He attempted the word four times but couldn’t get it right. He told me he also felt scared.

I said that we would come back to that word later and asked him if he felt fear anywhere in his body – he said he felt it in his stomach. We tapped on:

Even though I have this fear in my stomach…

I asked him at what level the fear was at now. He told me it was much lower, about a 3 on a scale of 0 to 10. I then asked him if he could remember a specific event in the past when he felt this fear in his stomach. He told me about a time when he was eight years old and had to read in front of the class. He had a lot of fear around this event but we cleared it to a zero using the Movie Technique. He then told me he has been terrified of his dad as a child and still felt this fear when he was around him. We tapped on specific events and memories from his past. He told me that he had a BIG secret which he’d kept inside for over twenty years. He said that he’d never told anyone about it but trusted me enough to tell me. We went to a zero on that one and Winston had a big emotional release and cried for some time.

At the end of the session I asked him if he would like to read from the book again and he jumped at the chance. He read from the beginning again, past the word he had previously got stuck on and after almost completing the whole paragraph he announced that he could never remember reading so well.

Three weeks later I had a call from Winston’s partner who also wanted to book an EFT session with me. I asked her how Winston was and she said “Oh, he’s great. He’s reading all the time now – the dyslexia’s completely gone.”