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Ways to Use EFT on the Symptoms of ADD and ADHD 

Dear EFT Community,

We hear many encouraging reports from parents and educators who use EFT for ADD and ADHD. Here Don Blackerby, PhD offers a systematic approach to using EFT with learning differences.

-EFT Universe

By Don A. Blackerby, Ph.D.

Don Blackerby was the founder of Success Skills. He was an educator for over 30 years in various capacities. He worked with students with ADD/ADHD for almost 10 years with a 90-95% success rate.

Here are his suggestions for using EFT with ADD and ADHD:

I apply EFT right away to ADD/ADHD clients by aiming at their specific behavior problems as they occur.

So, for an adult, it may be that they keep disrupting business meetings with non-relevant ideas, or, it may be that they are having a problem focusing on and expressing an idea, or, they may talk incessantly and don’t know when to stop and listen.

For students, it may be that they are arguing with their parents about having to do homework, or, they don’t want to go to school, or, they cannot stay focused on the lesson at hand. If either an adult or student is displaying one of the symptoms of ADD/ADHD (such as hyperactivity, distraction, not listening, etc), I will use EFT on that symptom.

With high frequency, that symptom subsides.

If the symptoms persist over time, then I start looking for deeper issues such as current traumas in school or at work.

If there is none, I look for past traumas which have been unresolved and which are manifesting themselves in the current situation. It is my experience that most anger, anxiety, rage, fears, guilt; etc comes from some un-resolved and unconscious trauma. The symptoms of ADD/ADHD are simply ways of acting out that unconscious and un-resolved trauma.

EFT is wonderful for ferreting out the current traumas or the old traumas.

If a trauma cannot be found, then some of the causes may be allergies, toxins in the body, high stress and anxiety, lots of sugar or junk food in the diet, or just the stress of not being able to cope with life. Many parents are overwhelmed with attempting to balance a career and a family.

Many students are stressed because our schools do not ever get around to teaching the student HOW to learn in the classroom.

Therefore, every day produces high stress and anxiety for them and many times the ADD/ADHD symptoms are how they act out their frustration

The good news is that EFT can deal with much of the above and/or help ferret out the other potential causes and find relief for the client.


Donald Blackerby, PhD was born on August 13, 1938 and passed away November 26, 2009. His published books on helping students can still be found on Amazon.com.