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EFT and the Emotion Code Resolve Hemorrhoids

Dear EFT Community,

EFT practitioner and Emotion Code coach Sandra Bensaude of Portugal shares how combining these two energy therapies resolved a client’s hemorrhoid pain, which had persisted even after surgery.

-EFT Universe

By Sandra Bensaude

Sara was suffering from pain and bleeding from her hemorrhoids on and off for 3 years. In the last 6 months, the pain got progressively worse, as did the bleeding to the point that she was anemic and had to have a blood transfusion. Her doctor decided that she needed surgery.

A month after her surgery, the pain continued and Sara was in panic each time she needed to go to the bathroom because it would make the pain even worse. Every trip to the doctors and emergency room to help lessen the pain ended with the same result: She should take strong painkillers in pills and ointments that did not work for her. She had to bear it. The doctors could not explain why she still had pain.

Sara had her first session with me a little over 6 months after her surgery; she was experiencing pain 6 to 8 hours a day and sometimes the whole day long. She was feeling depressed, had lost weight (she avoided eating so as not to have to go to the bathroom), felt anguish and hopelessness as she thought this was how her life was going to be now.

I showed Sara the tapping points and tapped on her pain. After a couple of rounds, the pain level went from a 9 to a 5. We continued tapping on the pain (being very specific on its location and how it felt). The SUD level went down to a 3. We then tapped on the remaining pain until the SUD went to 1.

From our conversation, I was able to determine that Sara had had a difficult childhood, with recurring abandonment issues from both parents and emotional abuse, among other traumas.

She had a hard time remembering what happened when, so in our next session I suggested we try the Emotion Code (using muscle testing) to help her determine timing and emotions that had gotten trapped in her body, more specifically in the area of her pain area. She was amazed at all the emotions that showed up and it helped her remember other events that we could tap on.

Even though Sara was feeling less pain, she still dreaded going to the bathroom because she associated pain with her bowels working. We tapped on her fear that the pain would return once she went to the bathroom.

In 3 sessions, the pain went totally away. It has been 6 months since her last pain.

EFT and the Emotion Code were the perfect energy therapies to use with Sara, and they complemented each other perfectly.