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EFT Eliminates Balance Problem in 94-Year-Old

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Dear EFT Community,

Gilbert Robert tells how he used EFT to resolve his elderly father’s balance problem.

– EFT Universe

By Gilbert Robert

My father who is 94 years old and in very good health, told me that from time to time he experienced physical loss of balance (equilibrium) and had to hold on to something until it came back to normal. Recently, he called to say that it had started again the night before and when he woke up in the morning, the loss of balance was still there. He had a hard time getting to the phone in the living room to call me.

He lives alone in his house in the country. My mother died 4 years ago from cancer. They were married for 63 years. And he still drives his car. He passed his medical and driving tests a year ago.

So I arrived at his home–he lives half an hour away from where I live–and he was sitting by the phone waiting for me. I asked him if he would let me do EFT on him.

He answered, “Yes, yes, do that thing.” I learned about EFT 15 months ago, and he knew what it was from that time, but he had never experienced it. So I started EFT on him while he just sat in silence on a chair.

I did not evaluate the intensity of his loss of balance (he was experiencing it) and I did the tapping and the talking. Tapping the Karate Chop point:

Even though I lost my balance…

Even though I cannot stand on my feet by myself…

Even though I am afraid of falling down…

Even though I am afraid of falling down and that I won’t be able to get up by myself…

Then I tapped on his loneliness, his old age, the solitude of being by himself, the loss of his lifetime companion.

After 9-10 rounds, he said he felt much better. He walked across the living room back and forth and was around 90% better, so I tapped on “this remaining dizziness.”

After that, he told me that everything was okay. I asked him if he noticed anything special that happened when I tapped. He told me that he felt things moving inside him when I tapped on his eyebrow and collarbone.

I did some tapping on him in the afternoon and before bedtime using the same wording and again the next morning (I slept over just in case). I left him after lunch.

The next morning when I came back to see how he was, he said that he hadn’t felt that well for a long time. I asked him if we needed to do some more tapping. His answer was no.

About a month later, I asked him if there had been any change in him, in his life after we did EFT. He replied that something big was gone. He could not say what, but he felt much lighter (his words) and much more at peace with himself.

A little side benefit was that my father reads a lot and he needed to hydrate his eyes 4 or 5 time a day. This need went to 1 time or less a day and his vision became much clearer.

It has been more than 4 months now and this loss of balance problem never came back. In fact, he is feeling great. And all I did was tap for 15 to 20 minutes altogether (in 2 days). Amazing!

Now for me, the big “aha” is the following: Had I not known EFT, my father would have had to see a doctor, would have had tests of all sorts done on him, would have had to have someone to take care of him.

EFT has saved him, his family, society, the health-care system, and all time and money.