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EFT for Clearing Food Sensitivities

EFT for Clearing Food Sensitivities

By Sherrie Rice Smith, RN (Ret.), EFT-EXP

Husbands are nice practice subjects, aren’t they? I’m always telling stories about Brad.

Brad doesn’t like sweets, he never did, but he surely does like his veggies. Other than okra, which he ate every single day while serving aboard U.S. Navy submarines, and beets, he eats them all.

For the past 3 years, I have avoided serving him cucumbers because he had all kinds of gastric reactions, none of which you truly want to know about here. Cucumbers simply disappeared from our diet. We both missed them.

Now, you would think I would have thought of this before, but, I admit, I didn’t. A couple weeks ago, I bought a delicious-looking cucumber and told Brad it was time for a “Valerie experiment.”

I peeled the thing, handing him a couple of the gooey peelings, and told him to go tap Valerie Lis’ food reaction protocol. Sadly, he couldn’t remember how (I need to tap on my reaction to his not remembering!), so I dutifully led him through the process, as I always do.

Valerie’s protocol for most food or environmental sensitivities takes four rounds of tapping, and then another 20-30 minutes of exposure to the offending item, meaning a grand total of a 22-32 minute commitment.

I’m thrilled to be here typing and telling you, after many more cucumber-eating experiments, and we eat them almost every supper lately, that Valerie’s protocol is a total 100% success! I no longer have to endure the unmentionable gastric effects!

As always, I am amazed.