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EFT for Crohn’s Disease: Betrayal Was the Core Issue

EFT for Crohn’s Disease: Betrayal Was the Core Issue

Dear EFT Community,

Therese Baumgart shows how using good questioning helps in finding the core issues connected to Crohn’s disease and produces significant relief in just one session.

-EFT Universe

By Therese Baumgart, Certified EFT Practitioner

I recently did an EFT session for “Hal,” who contacted me because of what he termed a flare-up of his Crohn’s disease. His symptoms in the two weeks prior to our session included hemorrhage, cramping, diarrhea, nightmares, sweats, and a loss of 14 pounds. He said he was unable to leave his house and was hardly eating because nothing agreed with him. He was using various medical and alternative remedies, but had not gotten relief. He had seen some EFT videos and wanted one session with me to get some direction, and then he planned to continue EFT on his own. Here’s the essence of our 1-hour session.

I started by asking some pre-tapping questions.

1. What about medical treatment? Nothing the doctors tried or suggested had helped.

2. Had he been tested for allergies? No, because he believed that blood tests and scratch tests would just contradict each other.

3. Any cramping now? No. Symptoms come and go.

4. What makes symptoms better or worse? Don’t know.

5. What feelings were connected with Crohn’s disease? Hal was initially unable to respond about feelings or express emotions. (But after some tapping rounds, he was able to tune in to his feelings and recognize the connection between emotions and physical symptoms.)

6. If there was an emotional contributor or reason for this illness, what would it be? Don’t know.

7. When did the problem start, and what was going on in your life around that time? In the past, Hal and his girlfriend, “Eve,” who he had intended to marry, started a pattern of dating and breaking up, which was very stressful for him. He now realized he felt tender, fragile, sad, rejected, and hopeless.

During our session, I asked Hal to drink water and take a deep breath after each round, which I have found supports the EFT clearing process. I also included the optional wrist tapping points.

Here are some of the Setups we used based on Hal’s words:

Setups:  Even though she broke up with me (4 in intensity) and I feel tender and fragile, sad, hopeless, and rejected…

Even though she left me, it was a rocky stressful relationship, all my dreams were smashed, and now I have this debilitating Crohn’s disease problem in my intestines…

Reminder Phrases: In addition to the phrases from the Setups, we added this frustration, so stressful, she broke my heart, smashed all my dreams, don’t want to admit how upset I am, feeling rejected, carrying all this upset around in my intestines, this hopeless feeling, worst thing that ever happened. When I checked Hal’s level of intensity, he reported it was still a 4. He also still seemed detached and unemotional.

Now it was definitely time for me to receive intuitive guidance and it  “occurred” to me to ask if Hal felt betrayed by Eve, and he said yes. (It became clear in the work that followed that betrayal was the core issue.) I asked him about other instances of betrayal. He remembered a specific event of feeling betrayed by coworkers. He felt an intensity of 10 on the work betrayal and an intensity of 8 on the girlfriend betrayal. I asked him if he also felt angry, and he said yes.

We tapped on the girlfriend betrayal first. Setups:

Even though I’ve been betrayed, and more than once…

She betrayed me; smashed all my dreams; in a way, she ruined my life…

Reminder Phrases: She betrayed me, smashed my dreams, this anger, carrying this anger and betrayal in my intestines and it’s exploding out, time to release this anger in a safe way, it’s time to get well.

His intensity rating on betrayal by Eve had gone down from an 8 to 1 or 2. Subsequent rounds about Eve included the following:

Remaining betrayal, worst thing that ever happened to me, smashed all my dreams, I choose healing, I send healing to my heart, I send healing to my intestines.

Then I asked if Hal might forgive Eve. He said yes.

I forgive Eve, I forgive them, I forgive myself.  Carrying this around a long time in my intestines.  Given the whole picture, she was doing the best she could, and so was I.

She betrayed me in love, they betrayed me at work, I’m not going to let it show, I’m just going to keep going and nobody will know about this betrayal (I asked if it were true, and he said it was). I don’t like to show my emotions (I asked if it were true, and he said it was). Carrying anger and betrayal in my intestines, I keep it all inside in my intestines, and now it’s exploding out. It’s time to release this upset in a safe way, it’s time to get well. I’m releasing it now, and I feel gratitude to myself for doing it. I appreciate myself, I’m ready for healing.

At this point, his intensity on betrayal by Eve was 0 (from 8 to 2 to 0). To test our results so far, I asked him to try to tune in to his betrayal feelings and he simply said, “I’m fine.”

Although we had not yet tapped any complete rounds on workplace betrayal, it had come down in intensity from a 10 to a 4 (thanks to the Generalization Effect), so we worked on that next.

I asked Hal if the people at his job deliberately intended to betray him and if they would see the situation as a betrayal. He said they probably would not see it that way, although he did.

They were doing the best they could, and so was I. I forgive them, forgive myself, and anybody who had anything to do with this situation.

I asked Hal if the work betrayal had taken him by surprise. (Yes).

Even though I was taken by surprise, shocked by this work betrayal, it was completely unexpected. I didn’t see it coming, then everything went down the tubes, they betrayed me.

Even though that was another worst thing that ever happened to me, being betrayed is the worst thing that can happen to somebody, I choose to release this workplace betrayal from my intestines. Hal now said the workplace betrayal had an intensity of 0.

Once both betrayal events had cleared to 0, we did a final round on: I send love and healing to my heart, love and healing to my intestines. I ask my intestines to cooperate with me in this healing. I reassure my intestines and send them love and healing.

One week later I checked in with Hal, who had experienced much relief since our EFT session. Although he had not done any additional EFT after our session, he reported feeling much better, eating normally, going out, and feeling more optimistic. Obviously, good progress had been made in 1 hour with EFT.