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EFT Hastens Recovery from Concussion and Skull Fracture

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By Tania de Winne, MD

Onna, my 1.5-year-old girl, fell from her high chair on September 8 at dinnertime. She went straight with her head onto the tile floor. At first she cried her lungs out, then she became drowsy and sleepy, refusing all food and drink (even though she hadn’t eaten yet). There was no immediate swelling noticeable on her head, her pupils stayed symmetrical, and she didn’t bleed from her ears.

She slept sitting up straight on my lap for about 2 hours. Because I was holding her, I could only surrogate tap for her in my mind, which I did. I tapped for “this terrible headache,” “my concussed brains,” “dizziness,” “I want my brains to heal rapidly for a 100% recovery.”

She woke up and started playing as if nothing had happened. But she still refused to eat or drink. Normally, she’s a very active kid, needing very little sleep, but now she became sleepy again within 1.5 hours. Because it was near her bedtime, I tucked her in, bracing myself for a night of getting up every hour to check her vital signs. It was her waking me up every hour during that night crying and reassuring me that way that she was “only” concussed and didn’t have any hemorrhaging in her brain. I surrogate tapped through the night for her and the next morning she was alert and active and hungry as ever. Instead of only needing an afternoon nap of about an hour, she needed a morning and an afternoon nap of about 2 hours each, indicating that she still hadn’t recovered fully from her fall, but, hey, I could live with that. By September 11, she still needed 2 hours’ rest during the day instead of 1, but I could leave for the day with a peaceful mind.

The next day, however, my husband phoned to tell me he had felt a huge sponge-like swelling on the left side of her head and he had X rays and a CAT scan taken (on Sept. 13) showing a large fracture of the parietal bone of her skull, ending just before the left temporal artery and a massive hematoma underneath the skin.

Such a type of fracture normally takes 6 weeks to heal and is even notorious for not healing at all. I kept on surrogate tapping for her: “I command my tissues to readily absorb this blood and fluid,” “I command my bone cells to form new bone tissue and close the gap,” “I accept myself totally and unconditionally with this swelling and this fracture.” By September 20, the swelling had vanished overnight. According to the neurosurgeon, this also indicated that the fracture must be healing as well. Because we didn’t want to expose her unnecessarily to X rays, the control X ray was scheduled for the 4th week (instead of the 6th) to see if EFT had sped up the healing of the fracture (as it had when I broke my toe).

Conclusion: the concussion cleared in 5 days instead of in a fortnight, without her needing to be kept hospitalized and quiet in a darkened room all the time. Thank you, EFT.

The large swelling disappeared in 10 days (without medication or ointments or needle puncture).

And what about the fracture?

A control X ray taken precisely 4 weeks after the traumatic fall shows that the fracture didn’t enlarge (endangering severage of the large artery mentioned above) and that it is healing normally. Maybe EFT didn’t speed up the closure of the fracture (or did it?). It did start the healing process of a fracture notorious for not healing at all and it definitely improved the symptoms of a severe concussion in a remarkably short period of time.