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EFT Essentials

Using EFT For ...

You’ll find the EFT tapping audio and EFT tapping video programs below inspiring and educational–

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1. The Tapping Insider’s Club. This dynamic monthly membership site features interviews with EFT experts, tips from experienced EFT practitioners, and a vibrant community of users. Highly recommended. Click here for the Tapping Insider’s Club.

2. The Tapping Solution. For one special weekend, 10 people came together to stay in a house for an EFT intensive. The experience changed their lives forever. Some had emotional trauma, others had pain. Whatever their challenges, they discovered profound and lasting healing. Click here for a free preview of this deeply moving feature film.

3. Operation Emotional Freedom. This full length documentary tells the story of the war veterans who have used EFT to recover from PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder). $20 to purchase, $4 to view one time online. Click here for the documentary’s web site.

4. EFT Level 1 and 2 Workshop Video Downloads. You can now download and view any of the 16 modules in Level 1 and Level 2 for $20 each. You’ll find these downloads here, and an outline of the content of each module here .

5. Tap Into Bliss. In this exuberant celebration of tapping by Dr. Garland Landrith, he leads you through tapping on both the traditional EFT points, plus the optional points. He also leads you in tapping along with a live audience saying positive affirmations, and tapping to inspirational songs. If you’re feeling low, this video will lift your spirits. Click here for Tap Into Bliss.

6. EFTUniverse EFT Tapping Videos on YouTube. EFTUniverse is committed to sharing the latest in EFT Tapping. EFTUniverse EFT tapping videos on YouTube are a simple way to learn the easy-to-use emotional freedom techniques with incredible results. You can also experience a phenomenon known as, “Borrowing Benefits” where by simply watching someone else do EFT on their issues, while tapping along with them, you can reduce the emotional intensity of your own issues. Click here to go to the EFTUniverse YouTube channel.