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EFT Essentials

Using EFT For ...

A Priceless Opportunity to Deepen and Refine Your Tapping Skills

The 2-Day Practice Intensive

This 2 day class is the culmination of EFT Universe practitioner training. In it, you’ll work closely with experienced practitioners and an expert mentor-trainer to sharpen your tapping skills. Using advanced training methods, you’ll practice using EFT during each phase of a typical client session, including:
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  • Building initial rapport
  • Assessing readiness and willingness to change
  • Meeting objections
  • Visioning change and setting goals
  • What to do when a session is stuck
  • Tools for sessions that take unexpected turns for which you aren’t prepared
  • Using resistance for therapeutic gain
  • Gracefully concluding a session when emotional distress levels are still high

The Practice Intensive uses techniques drawn from a decade of research at Harvard University on “active learning” (Deslauriers, McCarty, Miller, Callaghan, & Kestin, 2019). Researchers have found that dynamic interactive exercises and small group student problem-solving provide better understanding than traditional lectures. Active learning is also fun!

You’ll also role-play with other practitioners as you practice navigating typical client scenarios drawn from actual case histories. These include:
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  • An 18-year-old high school dropout, now a waitress, with free-floating anxiety
  • A 25-year-old actress with performance anxiety
  • An autistic 7-year-old boy who is silent and unresponsive to both talking and tapping
  • A phone session with a 37-year-old female fibromyalgia patient trapped in hopelessness and despair
  • A client who speaks rapidly, dominates the conversation, and hops from one topic to another
  • A 12-year-old boy diagnosed with ADHD who squirms, walks around your office, and does not respond to what you say
  • A 75-year-old Vietnam War veteran for whom all previous PTSD treatments have failed
  • An obese retired teacher with chronic sciatic pain and insomnia
  • A cancer patient whose doctor says her widespread pain is “of unknown etiology”
  • An 18-year-old athlete whose championship career is threatened by multiple injuries and pain
  • A 36-year-old female EFT practitioner and psychologist who has made no progress on a key childhood event
  • A 44-year-old woman who shows no emotion and tells you her previous therapist told her she dissociates from her feelings
  • A 39-year-old artist whose father beat him many times
  • A 33-year-old healer who has come for help getting over a terrible divorce
  • A 55-year-old male engineer who unexpectedly bursts into tears during a session you’re doing in front of a group
  • A skeptical 45-year-old computer programmer who declares that no previous therapy has helped him and he has low expectations from EFT
  • A very cooperative 37-year-old client who has been coming to you for more than 10 sessions. She goes along with your every suggestion and her SUD levels drop quickly, but they’re back up at 10 the following session.
  • A 36-year-old veteran who crosses his arms and remains silent when you ask him questions
  • A 29-year-old policeman who says he had a “pretty good” white picket fence childhood but has no specific memories before the age of 12
  • A 24-year-old medic has a severe abreaction five minutes before session end
  • A client who was abused as a child and is currently in an abusive relationship, but the highest SUD level she ever reports is 4
  • A session is going well with the client’s SUD scores going to a 2 halfway through, but then progress stops completely and the SUD level remains at 2 for the rest of the session

 IMG 4823 640You’ll learn to use EFT to address these and other situations that might confound a novice practitioner. You’ll become more comfortable with tough and challenging clients, and with ambiguous, difficult, and confusing sessions. You’ll develop the confidence that comes from knowing that you’re able to apply EFT skillfully in a wide variety of situations.

You’ll also spend time reflecting on your strengths and weaknesses as a practitioner and learn how to leverage your strengths while building up your weak areas. You’ll witness demonstrations by your mentor-trainer and you’ll learn in carefully structured exercises in pairs or groups.

The focus of this invaluable class is practice, practice, practice, and we warmly invite you to join us for a 2 day Practice Intensive.

Prerequisite: Completion of the EFT Universe 4 Day Professional Workshop and feedback from the first batch of cases you send to your mentor. Practitioners certified by EFT Universe are welcome to take the course as a refresher.

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