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Energy and Consciousness in Healing and Sports Performance

Energy and Consciousness in Healing and Sports PerformanceRick Leskowitz

ӬRick Leskowitz, MD, in conversation with host Dawson Church, PhD, on High Energy Health Radio

Recorded April 6, 2017

Rick Leskowitz, MD, is a psychiatrist at Harvard Medical School’s Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. He is an expert on phantom limb pain as well as how energy and consciousness affect sports performance. In this conversation, Rick and Dawson discuss the role of energy fields in both individual and global healing. Coherent personal energy facilitates healing, while large-scale energy fields are implicated in events involving entire communities. Among the topics covered in this interview are:

  • Our energy fields have boundaries, and we can sense their edges.
  • Physical trauma produces emotional wounding and this is rarely addressed by doctors.
  • EFT is a great way to release grief and pain.
  • When the Boston Red Sox won the baseball world series in 2004, the whole region was caught up in the energy.
  • The energy of enthusiastic sports fans is measurable.
  • Athletes know the energy of being in “the Zone.”
  • Sports is a powerful path to transformation.
  • Like magnets, energy fields don’t have to touch to interact.
  • When heart and brain are in coherence, they entrain others nearby.
  • During the emotional peaks of a game, random number generators cease being random.
  • The phenomenon of group consciousness can be as large as an entire nation.
  • The Global Consciousness Project uses a network of computers to monitor worldwide shifts.

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