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EFT Relieves Hypersensitive Hearing by 90%

EFT Relieves Hypersensitive Hearing by 90%

By Shaf Sabir

I have suffered with a hearing problem for at least 16 years. It was not tinnitus or deafness, but the total reverse–overhearing, or a sensitivity to loud sounds.

It made me hear everything in general too loud: people, machines, traffic, children, and music. Also some sounds, like children or babies shouting and screaming or crying, made me very negative and feeling angry, moody, and panicky.

This was hell for me.

My life was like being in prison everywhere I went, even at home. Sadly, people were not very helpful, not even family. In fact being at home felt worse and sometimes this problem caused arguments. This made my family life difficult, as they saw me as the problem and I saw them as the problem.

I could not go to places like parties, weddings, or family gatherings.

Nobody could or wanted to understand me. This was far worse than being deaf. I used to try to get away for a break on my own but never got much peace and quiet.

This problem held me back, but slowly I would try to tolerate noise by wearing ear plugs or an mp3 player to ease it and be a bit more comfortable. After years of hiding, I managed with some struggle to travel and tour places.

Sadly, nobody could help me even medically.

I had tried everything and been everywhere: medical clinics, hospitals, herbalists, reflexologists, hypnotherapists, spiritualists. Just before discovering EFT, I was advised by the hospital to try hearing aids.

No doctor or specialist could even tell me if it was stress related or a physical problem.

About 3 months before writing this, I found EFT and started learning it.

I put it to the test and prayed that it would work. I did EFT every day for 1 week. I tapped three times a day like taking medicine. I did not notice results on the first day, but on the third day I started to tolerate sounds better.

On the fifth day, I was coping better with louder sounds that normally bothered me like car horns, fire alarms, police sirens, and traffic. By the end of the week, I felt better and comfortable around children and people shouting, screaming, and babies crying.

Those sounds would normally make me angry and irritable.

This new gift for me is this magic cure–thanks to EFT, I am 90% better. EFT has stayed with me and cured most of my problem.

I can handle noisy people and places better than ever. I keep working with EFT and it is helping other issues as well. I suffered from severe depression for many years as well and EFT has cured that; I don’t take tablets for it now. I feel lot more positive and confident.

I try EFT on my body problems every day now, like backaches, neck pain, gout, tiredness, and fatigue. It has not cured some things like my back, gout, and neck problems, but it helped relieve the pain. I don’t get as much pain in my neck and head as I used to due to my hearing problem.

Since my hearing and nerves are better, I have less stress in my neck and fewer headaches, thanks to EFT.