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Free EFT Audio Download: EFT Tapping For Holiday Stress


To celebrate the season, I’ve created a special tapping meditation for you.

All of your friends and supporters here at EFT Universe thought that a free downloadable MP3 file would be better than our usual live tapping event this week, because you can listen to it any time, so that’s what we’re doing this year instead.

The meditation covers universal themes.

In Part One, we focus on:

– Releasing barriers to inner peace and happiness

– Letting go of any feelings of isolation or loneliness the Holidays bring up

– Releasing any and all fears about the future

– Forgiveness for painful childhood experiences we associate with the Holidays

Part Two focuses on:

– Reflecting back on the blessings of the past year

– Opening to the highest possible guidance for your perfect future

– Visioning your highest possible good for the coming year

– Joining together as a group to envision peace on earth and goodwill to all creatures

You’re part of a magnificent community here at EFT Universe. I know that for sure because I meet so many people at our live workshops, and interact with hundreds more during our live coaching courses.

I’m humbled and touched by your courageous personal journey, and I know we’ll continue to support and inspire each other in the year ahead. As you listen, know that you’re part of an heroic enterprise of personal and planetary transformation.

I’m delighted, thrilled and privileged to be continuing the journey with you in the coming year!


~ Dawson Church

Please download your recording here

If you need the tapping points:

EFT Tapping Sequence