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How to do Wonders on Teeth Grinding with EFT Tapping

By Kate Beeders

I was visiting “Nancy’s” shop one day and she was complaining to me about the stresses in her life.

She recently got married, her former boss was suing her for a non-compete violation and she had just opened up her own shop.

As a result of all of this stress, she was grinding her teeth at night while she slept. Her dentist informed her it would cost $500 to buy the necessary “bite guard” to protect her teeth from future grinding.

Although the causes of teeth grinding, or “bruxism” are said to be unknown, one study links it with such factors as anxiety, stress and fatigue.  Since EFT is great for reducing stress I thought I would suggest that Nancy try EFT for her teeth grinding.

Nancy was open to trying EFT and her co-worker watched us as we tapped

Even though all of this stress from Susan (her former boss) is making me miserable and causing me to grind my teeth, I deeply and completely accept myself.

We then tapped the reminder phrase “grinding my teeth.” Then tapped for “all the money on lawyer’s fees … ruining my pretty smile.”

Within 20 minutes, she was feeling relaxed and laughing. I gave Nancy homework for using EFT on “grinding my teeth” which she did several times a day for two weeks. It’s been four months of peaceful sleep and her teeth grinding hasn’t returned.

Nancy is feeling stress-free. She’s happy and glad that she was saved the $500 cost for a bite guard!

I’ve found that using the “right” words and being specific to address different issues is the key to success with EFT.