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How to Protect Your Energy System When Working with the Public

How to Protect Your Energy System When Working with the PublicEFTU For Workshops AD

By Dale Teplitz, EFT TRN 1-2

Protecting Your Energies

You know it happens to all of us! You find yourself feeling negative, dazed or just drained after spending time with someone or in a crowd. Maybe it’s a stranger that you attended a meeting with, your spouse, your client, friend, child or boss that seems to have sucked the life from you.

You were having a great day and then you spend some time with someone, and then you’re not. It can even happen over the phone!

At my Clinical EFT workshops, one of the topics that students most often want to learn more about is how to protect their own energies when guiding others through tapping.

Subtle energies (positive and negative) are exchanged between ourselves and others all the time, even when we’re not aware that it’s happening.

Your ‘radar’ can pick up negativity when you walk into a room, a party, or even sleeping next to your partner! And, the person ‘zapping’ you doesn’t even know they’re doing it.

Protecting your energy system is especially important for EFT practitioners, therapists, coaches, teachers and anyone working with the public. One of my EFT practitioner trainees reported having to limit how many clients she could work until she learned to integrate some of these valuable tips into her professional self-care routine. In her case learning to protect her energy made all the difference in pursuing her life’s passion!

Here are a few suggestions to protect yourself from being affected by other people’s energies:

– When having an uncomfortable conversation, cross your arms or turn your left shoulder toward the person so as not to receive negative energy straight on.

– Set an intention to engage from your heart, and imagine your body being in a protective bubble.

– Use the Eden Energy Medicine ‘Zip-Up’ technique before engaging, entering a crowd or picking up the phone. (Take a deep in-breath as you simultaneously move your hand(s) slowly and with deliberation, straight up the center of the front of your body from the pubic bone to the lower lip & pretend to ‘lock it’ at the top. Do this twice.)

To release negative energies you have already taken on, try these tips:

– Wash your hands & wrists or take a shower while holding the intention to release any negativity you have picked up.

– Stand barefoot on the earth while mentally ‘pouring’ negative energy from your hands and feet into the earth. Breathe in uplifting energy from the earth and sky.

Making it a priority to fill your own needs for positive experiences, good sleep, food and exercise, will help you to be more resilient and resistant to the negative energies of others.

EFT Training:

In addition to the extensive EFT Universe Level 1 and 2 curriculum, I offer these two bonus break-time topics at my EFT Universe workshops:

– In Level 1: Testing Your Body’s Energy System.

– In Level 2: Using Your Intuition To Energize EFT Results.


Dale Teplitz

After EFT helped Dale Paula Teplitz to release a lengthy, disabling health challenge 20 years ago, she became passionate about teaching others to use the techniques in the most effective ways possible. To be included in her free tele-conferences, and for more information about her upcoming workshops please view:


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