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Dear EFT Community,

EFT user, Christine Cloutier’s UTI appeared to be unaffected by her attempts to use EFT tapping, until she located a specific issue and used the term “pissed off” in her EFT setup statement, leading to relief and prevention of another UTI.


By Christine Cloutier

Once when I was on a trip with my husband, I developed a urinary tract infection. The constant pressure to go to the bathroom for 2 drops and the pinching that accompany this is maddening. I went to see the doctor, got some medication for it and it went away really quickly. I hadn’t had any issues with UTI’s until recently.

I received a phone call from my brother telling me that he was going to commit suicide. This is never a great phone conversation, but it is not the first time. He has his own set of problems that we have all tried to help him overcome.

What was different about this phone call is that recently one of my cousins did commit suicide and my mother had been very distraught. I’d been worried about her and I started thinking about my brother calling our mom every month, or so, with his suicidal ideas and I got very angry. How dare he do this to our Mom?! She is getting older and cannot take his problem phone calls anymore!

Why doesn’t he accept the help he needs?

In order to calm myself down, I decided to take a long warm bath. In the bathtub, I started to feel the pressure to urinate and I knew the feeling. I was getting another UTI. You don’t forget the symptoms.

It was late at night and I did not want to go to the emergency room to get antibiotics. I decided to use EFT and tap on it. Every time I would go to the bathroom for my 2 drops relief I did some EFT tapping. It amounted to about every 5 minutes.

I would tap:

Even though I have this urinary tract infection, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though I still have some of this urinary tract infection, I deeply and completely accept myself.

It was reducing the intensity level a bit but not by much. On a SUD intensity scale of 0 — 10, it went from a 10 to an 8 then would go back up to a 10 quickly. I went back over in my mind what happened before this started to see if I could find an emotional reson behind why I was getting a UTI. Of course, the phone call with my brother came instantly to mind.

I tapped:

Even though I am angry at my brother for disturbing our mother’s peace of mind, I deeply and completely accept myself.

It was still there. This was very annoying and I told myself that I would find the proper words to say because I knew EFT could work.  What else could I do?

I tried tapping:

Even though I am pissed off at my brother< I deeply and completely accept myself.

Right away, I felt this warmth around my urethra and the symptoms of the infection disappearing like magic. I had a hard time believing it was for real so for good measure I tapped on:

Even though I am afraid this might come back, I deeply and completely accept myself.

The UTI did not come back.

I hope this can help some other person not to give up on using EFT on themselves.