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EFT Halts Snoring

EFT Halts Snoring

Dear Readers,

Angie Ross from the UK tells how one nighttime session of surrogate “mental” EFT for her partner, while he slept, ended the “snoring like a train” that kept her awake every night. Three years later, the snoring has not returned.

-Stephanie M

By Angie Ross

My partner probably won’t like me telling all this, but he used to snore like a train! I used to lie awake listening to this every night until it occurred to me to try tapping for it. I tapped surrogately and intentionally, as on this occasion I didn’t want to wake him:

Even though I have this breathing difficulty that’s keeping Angie awake, I choose to breathe easily.

Even though I don’t know I’m doing it but I’m snoring like a train, I choose to release whatever is causing the problem.

Even though I have this breathing constriction that’s causing all this noise, I prefer to breathe and sleep peacefully.

I continued through all the points in my mind and could hear his breathing pattern changing. So, encouraged, I began the next round. Suddenly, he sat bolt upright and said, “I can’t breathe properly,” then lay back down again. This frightened the life out of me, I can tell you! However, once I’d gotten over the shock and checked that he was, in fact, breathing okay, I realized that it was quiet. No snoring, just peaceful and rhythmic breathing–wow!

The next morning, he remembered sitting up and saying something about breathing, so I admitted what I had been doing.

That was over three years ago and no snoring like a train since!