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Four EFT Tapping Success Stories Spread the Word About EFT

Four EFT Tapping Success Stories Spread the Word About EFT

By Chris F.

I would like to share three of my own personal EFT tapping success stories.

Tapping Story Number 1

When I first learned EFT I thought I would use it for my family. Convincing them to try EFT was another story entirely, this is, until my father got cancer.

One evening, my mother called me at work to ask me to stop by her house before going home. She said that dad was having trouble getting to sleep due to his medications and, of course, I said yes.

When I arrived, my dad and I went into his bedroom. He sat on the edge of his bed, and we began tapping with the EFT Karate Chop point, saying:

“Even though I have to take this medicine, I completely accept and love my body.”

We went through the remaining Basic Recipe points with reframes like: 

Stupid cigarettes.

I need to rest.

I don’t like this cancer process.

He went to sleep and called me the next day at the office and stated that he actually slept and was feeling good. I was very pleased.

Tapping Story Number 2

Another time, a woman at the office was on steroids for a spider bite she got from cleaning her basement with her husband. The spider jumped on her neck and bit her and the doctor prescribed the steroids for the itch. You could see the hole left by the bite and the area was really red and “angry.”

We started tapping the Karate Chop with:

“Even though I have been bitten by this spider, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

She confided that she felt a little “funny” as she said this statement.

I immediately got the feeling that she needed to apologize to the spider for taking its life.

We moved to tapping on the reframes:

I killed a spider.

I took a life.

He had a right to live too.

Before w finished tapping through the Basic Recipe, she grabbed my hand and said that the itch was gone! The next day she came up to me and pointed to her neck. The hole was gone and so was the red surrounding the hole.

Tapping Story Number 3

Once, one of my sisters brought her then 10-year-old son to my house for me to watch him while she went to the store. She said he had the remnants of the flu. When she left, I asked what was wrong because he immediately laid down on the couch. He told me that he still had a stomachache.

I tapped only under his eyes stating, “Even though I have this stomachache, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

He suddenly jumped up off the couch as if nothing were wrong and asked, “How did you do that?”

His stomachache had disappeared immediately!

I explained the process to him. He is now 16 and performs the process on his friends when needed. They think he is weird.(laugh).

Now on numerous occasions, I have helped family members using EFT tapping on issues that they were very skeptical could be improved or eliminated.

Tapping Story Number 4

My own physician thinks that the entire process should be taught to all of my family members. He had an intern with him one day who asked me if it was all right if she examined me. Fine with me. She took temperature, blood pressure, asked all the questions, and then my doctor left the room. Before he closed the door, he looked at me and said, “Now don’t you change her mind,” then he winked.

So I explained to the intern the EFT process and what it could do and even tapped on my high blood pressure to prove to her that I could lower it at will.

My doctor came back into the room and I asked him to take my blood pressure again. He did and announced that it was 10 points lower! The intern’s eyes popped out and her mouth dropped and my doctor just grinned. She did comment that she had sat in on a lecture about the EFT process during medical school. 

EFT is a godsend. Even when you don’t use the whole basic recipe, if you know or can quickly assess the main issue, you’ll get results.