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Marital Problems Can Seriously Compromise Your Health

Concerns over marital problems can increase stress during the work day, leading to an increased risk of heart disease and strokes, according to research published in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine. Researchers from University College and Brandeis University in London found that domestic problems can carry over into the workplace, potentially resulting in serious health problems.

In their study of 105 middle-aged workers, they found higher stress levels and higher blood pressures in those who reported greater marital concerns, both in men and women equally.

Study co-author Rosalind Barnett said: “It’s generally assumed that primary relationships are more critical to a women’s psychological well-being than men’s, but this is not the case … when there is marital concern, men and women are equally affected.”

For this reason, it’s important to work on creating a harmonious primary relationship. There are dozens of stories written by people whose relationships have been transformed by tapping. In our Tapping Deep Intimacy course, you’re systematically trained in the 12 skills that we’ve found are the prerequisites to relationship success. Research on the Tapping Deep Intimacy program shows that it lowers anxiety and depression symptoms significantly, and increases relationship satisfaction by an average of 28%.


Barnett, R. C., Steptoe, A., & Gareis, K. C. (2005). Marital-role quality and stress-related psychobiological indicators. Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 30(1), 36-43.

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