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MD Uses EFT for Hiatal Hernia and Candidiasis

MD Uses EFT for Hiatal Hernia and Candidiasis

Dear Readers,

Dr. Raul Vergini of Italy was new to EFT when he tried it on his own hiatal hernia. He was not taking any medications nor doing anything else for it. He was impressed with the results, especially, as he puts it, for a “mechanical/physical problem like this.” He also used EFT with a patient suffering from candidiasis (an overgrowth of the fungus Candida albicans, which is notoriously hard to treat). After two days of periodic tapping, the patient was free of symptoms. Dr. Vergini states, “Now from her reports and from what I can see, she can be considered clinically free of candida.” 

-Stephanie M

By Raul Vergini, MD

Hiatal Hernia

I am pretty sure I have a bit of hiatal hernia (about 40-50% of people over 40 have it) because I have, after eating, some gastric reflux symptoms if I take some classic “hernia” positions–if I bend myself forward toward the floor (as to tie my shoelaces), or if I lie down on my back–especially if I eat a bit more than usual.

Last week I was treated also by my osteopath for this, but without results. Then, two days ago, I made two rounds of the Basic Recipe, with the Setup:

Even though I have this annoying gastric reflux…”

It worked!

I noticed a definite improvement, and now I’m decisively less prone to feel the reflux. Even if I try to create it, by bending or lying down, it is nearly completely disappeared.

I know it is not a complete clearing, and I will work on it again, but I think that it’s a great result for a newbie, especially for a mechanical-physical problem like this.

Update after a month: I did only two more rounds of EFT after that first time, and it was one evening a couple of weeks later for a slight return of symptoms, and since then I am still free of all symptoms without any further use of EFT.


I want to share another nice success I obtained with EFT (after my hiatal hernia that I reported to you a month ago). The patient, a 29-year-old woman in her seventh month of pregnancy, came to see me complaining of a very annoying candidiasis that had been tormenting her for over five months. She had a lot of itching, burning, “cottage cheese” discharges, and a very inflamed irritation extending also on the inner side of the thighs for about four inches.

Her gynecologist advised her to avoid sugar, to use an antimycotic soap (with econazol), and to apply a clotrimazol cream locally. She used the cream only externally on the skin and vulva, but not intravaginally. Before, she had tried homeopathic treatments, and allopathic “washings” and “vaginal suppositories,” for candida, but to no avail. I’ve seen, in past years, several women that avoided sugar and used this cream, but none of them had any clear improvement in their candidiasis with these measures. We all know that candidiasis can be very hard to eliminate.

So I told the woman to try tapping, after muscle testing her. She was reversed (weak) on the statement “I want to heal this candidiasis” and strong on “I want to keep this candidiasis.” After treating this Psychological Reversal (Sore Spot and “Even though I want to keep this candidiasis…” to be repeated each day to be sure), I instructed her to tap for the itching, burning discharges and candidiasis or whatever it felt annoying. The Setup phrases were formulated accordingly.

After a couple of days, she called me and told me that the itching and burning were almost completely gone. After a week, the discharge was also gone. No more redness on her thighs or vulva.

Now from her reports and from what I can see, she can be considered clinically free of Candida. As it’s improbable that the external cream and the sugar-free diet can be the reason for the improvement, I think that EFT made another great score here. By the way, she was also easily able to control, with EFT, the stomach burnings that she had every evening after dinner, especially when lying down.