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Tom and OCD Light Switches

Dear Readers,

In this article, expert EFT practitioner Sherrie Rice Smith shares how EFT helped resolve a client’s obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) behavior.

-EFT Universe

By Sherrie Rice Smith, RN, BA, EFT-EXP

This past summer a client, whom I have known for many years, presented to me with a fairly common problem. Tom is male and doesn’t always identify with what emotion he is feeling, but this he did know: he was sick & tired of his wife always yelling at him for forgetting everything! I snickered to myself with this one as how many times I have heard this complaint from all the women I know; however, what presented itself was no giggling matter!

Tom & I have tapped in the past & he has exactly 4 emotions — fear, frustration, anger, & sadness. This time proved to be absolutely no different. Tom lays fear and frustration out on the tapping table, telling me no matter how hard he tries, he always forgets something, then his wife gets angry, yells, & the day gets ruined.

I had Tom tune into that fear & frustrated he told me was in his chest and tap for a minute or 2, allowing his subconscious to bring to his mind the earliest event with this feeling, he could remember.

Sure enough, back to his childhood he went, again. “Dad was always yelling at me about something. I never did anything right, so I would check and recheck everything, like light switches, by turning them off and on about 4 times. Of course, that just made Dad madder and I got yelled at even more, but I had to be sure I wouldn’t burn down the house!” Tom’s fear & frustration was a SUDS of 7, so we began the tapping.

I’m not going to take you all through all the tapping phrases I used because they are the usual EFT Techniques, but what I want to relay to you is something I learned from Valerie Lis, an EFT Universe instructor.

As Tom & I tapped this session, his fear and frustration dropped as it always does, but I wanted to take this a bit further. I questioned him about the light switch issue. Did he still do that behavior in his adult life? Tom admitted that he always has, but he went further, telling me he had a few other habits that were similar, like double checking doors and stopping the car about 5 miles down the road when leaving on vacation to make sure he had packed one thing or another. This infuriated his wife, too.

To me, this was beginning to sound like an OCD problem — Obsessive Compulsive behavior of sorts. Tom is a very accomplished man & to look at him one would never suspect this behavior, but it obviously was giving his married life some challenges.

I asked Tom if I could try a method I had learned from Valerie on him. He was agreeable to try just about anything! The fear and frustration were reduced to his usual 1, so now he was ready to re-program some neurons!

Valerie teaches to have the client tap on both sides of anything OCD.

I had Tom close his eyes and imagine that he can never, ever again do anything in his life except turn light switches on and off, 24/7/365, no eating, no beer, no vacation, no sleep, nothing except turning those damn switches on and off. “How do you feel about doing that?” I asked Tom. Tom’s anger & frustration was way off the chart, probably above a 10 SUDS.

So, we tapped down that 10 anger & frustration again to his usual one. Tom is an engineer and he will never, it seems, admit he is at a 0. His one is everyone else’s 0!

I then asked the opposite side of the question. “Tom, you can never, ever again touch a light switch to double check it. You turn it off once and you walk away. How does that make you feel”? His answer was similar to the first question, “frustrated”. This frustration was a 9 SUDS. We tapped the 9 frustration to a 1.

As I think about how this method works using the standard EFT, it appears to me, and maybe Valerie said this, so I will give her credit, that neutralizing both sides of issue by using the “never, ever 24/7” phrases, the client tends to land somewhere right in middle between the 2 odds or extremes. I’ve used exact technique on a couple of occasions and it appears to do just that. The unbalanced, severely tipped behaviors seem to ameliorate themselves back towards something more controlled. In this case, it happened immediately!

Dawson Church asked me to write up this case as part of my EFT-EXP certification.

This case was tapped on July 10, 2012 according to my records. I asked Tom yesterday, February 23, 2013, about the status of his light switches and door checking. He proudly related to me that he never again double checked a thing since the day we tapped his forgetting things! Isn’t EFT a glorious thing? To God be the glory!