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Migraine Vanishes in 10 Minutes with EFT Tapping

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Dear EFT Community,

When you’re in terrible pain from a migraine, you often think nothing will help. Many migraine sufferers have discovered, like Laura does in this account by JoAnn SkyWatcher, that their migraines can be resolved with just one or two rounds of tapping.

– EFT Universe

By JoAnn SkyWatcher

Last evening, during a class that I was participating in, “Laura” complained that she was having a hard time thinking because she had a migraine headache.

She described the pain as being behind her right eye and up the side of her neck. I asked her if she had any idea what caused it. She said that she had missed her hair appointment and she did not like that. She also said she did not like it that she had a migraine. I asked what the intensity of the pain was, and her intensity level was 9 out of 10 on the SUD scale.

We didn’t have much time so I asked her to rub the Sore Spot on her chest, while repeating after me:

Even though I have a hard time thinking because I have a migraine headache and it really hurts…

Even though I missed my hair appointment and I did not like that…

Even though I have a migraine headache and it hurts like hell…

I had her begin with tapping on the top of her head with both hands saying, “Releasing this migraine headache.” As I directed her to tap the EFT points, I noticed that the inner eyebrow point seemed to be a “hot” one and had her tap it for an extra amount of time. I could see the tension relax in her face as she tapped that point. I was also working to get her to laugh and make noises with her breathing to help shift the energy.

After she finished tapping on the first round, I asked her to close her eyes to see how she felt. She said that she felt much better, and the pain had gone down to an intensity level of 4 out of 10. I then asked if any other information had come in, and she said that she had been worrying about money problems.

So for the second round, I instructed her to rub her Sore Spot and say:

Even though I still have a migraine headache…

Even though I am worrying about money problems…

Even though I am worrying about money so much that it has made my head hurt…

Then I had her tap on the top of her head and repeat, “Remaining migraine headache pain.” As she tapped the other points, I had her alternate the reminder phrases “migraine headache” and “money problems.”

When she finished the second round, she exclaimed, “The pain is gone!”