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91-year-old Man Tapping and Healing with EFT

91-year-old Man Tapping and Healing with EFT

by Kay Christopher, Expert EFT Practitioner

Dear EFT Community,

Expert EFT Practitioner Kay Christopher shares her story of how EFT helped a 91-year-old man move off morphine and begin taking his daily walks again. He was able to look at how his pain was related to a past traumatic event.

– EFT Universe

Joseph is 91-years-old and lives in a very small town in the mountains in the desert in an assisted living facility. Once when I was visiting him we used EFT to take care of some pain in his hip. At the time he didn’t seem too impressed. I suspect he thought the tapping couldn’t have caused the improvement he experienced.

Nonetheless, I later mailed him a copy of the EFT Manual, which he promptly set aside.

As time went by, and he continued to have aches and pains, I continued to use EFT with him over the phone and we kept getting results. One day he told me that he’d been reading the EFT Manual. Not only had he been reading but also he had been tapping like crazy, and had been able to get rid of all kinds of aches and pains by himself.

Imagine this: a 91 year old guy in an assisted living center, surrounded by elderly people with all kinds of serious illnesses, sitting alone in his room tapping and healing himself every day.

Here is a comment from him from that time period:

“I am 91-years-old and I live in a nursing home. I’ve had problems with my right hip for 2 months and the x-ray showed rheumatism and arthritis. I did EFT on it about three times and it went away. I did EFT for depression and it lifted me up. I was depressed for six years, since my wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. She didn’t remember me anymore. Now I’m free, not depressed at all. My mental alertness is phenomenal. Mentally I’m really up. Little things that irked me before are immaterial. I am thinking about what I’m going to do in the future. That’s kind of crazy at 91 years old, but I’m doing it anyway. I can’t be any more grateful.”

A few months later I phoned Joseph only to discover that he had been put on morphine two weeks prior for shoulder pain. He was slurring his words and his comprehension was poor.

I recognized right away that he was in danger for two reasons:

1) he had become immobilized due to the combination of the pain and the morphine,

2) he could no longer think clearly which meant he would no longer be able to use his mind to help his body heal.

I called Joseph’s son and asked how much longer he would be on morphine as I was worried that he would become addicted to it. His son told me that because he was “so old” the medical professionals didn’t think that he would ever get off the morphine.

They intended to leave him on it indefinitely because he was in pain. He was getting weaker and weaker and it appeared that this was the beginning of the end.

I immediately got Joseph on the phone and told him we were going to do two things:

1) get him out of pain, and

2) get him off the morphine.

I surrogate tapped,

Even though my shoulder is in so much pain that I need morphine I choose for this pain to go away and to get off this morphine anyway.

Even though this pain is unbearable without morphine, I choose for this pain to cease and to experience peace instead.

Within two days Joseph was off the morphine, could speak without slurring his words and could use his mind properly again. I am totally convinced that EFT saved his life because if he had stayed on the morphine and remained physically inactive it would only have been a matter of time before his deterioration would have caused his death.

Soon he was back to taking long walks (for a 91-year-old) and hamming it up.

But he also related to me that, while on the morphine, he had experienced a very severe trauma. The problem began with the fact that whenever he asked for more morphine the nurses would give it to him, so he ended up with an overdose.

This led to a series of terrifying visions that to him were very real. Just thinking about them he couldn’t breathe very well.

After a few rounds of tapping for his breathing we began to tap for the horrifying and frightening “Zombie Star” movie in which he watched people dying very slow and painful deaths. He said, “One after another, they just died, and died, and died.” His mouth became dry and we tapped for that. Then his arm began to hurt and we tapped for that. Eventually the movie went to a zero, and after that he was free of the deep torment these visions had continually caused him since the overdose.

A few months later when I spoke with Joseph he reported the following:

He had realized how bothered he still was from memories of when he was in WWII. He decided to tap on them. He said that at first all of his memories from that time went away completely, and then all of the good ones came back but none of the bad ones did, and it has stayed that way.

He is experiencing such elation over this! Since that time the doctors have reported to Joseph that his congestive heart failure has stopped progressing, and they are totally puzzled. Joseph told himself he wants to slow down his pulse and correct his high blood pressure, and they are coming down.

His long-term depression is still gone.

He has been experiencing some loss of balance lately, has been tapping on that, and it has improved.

He says, “I am flabbergasted at how beautifully EFT works.”