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Back Pain Relief Holds With EFT

Dear EFT Community,eft for back pain by dawson

Jasmine Bharathan presents an interesting case in which the client was not comfortable speaking of their emotional issues, and simply thought through them while tapping. The client reports back after a few months of using EFT that she has continued to be pain-free since the first day she tried EFT.


By Jasmine Bharathan

At one of our workshops, a Human Resources Head from a leading company offered to volunteer for an EFT demonstration for pain relief. She had been suffering for a year and a half since the delivery for her child – severe back pain from the cesarean section.

She could not:

  • Sit for more than an hour – the pain would become unbearable.
  • Could not undertake long distance travel
  • Could not lift her child due to excruciating pain by the end of the working day.


We did a couple of classic EFT rounds for the pain and tapped while she recalled the emotional upsets during her pregnancy. Since she had her reservations about talking openly, she just thought about them and replayed them mentally while tapping saying “all these upsets”. We tapped for about 5-7 minutes in all.

A few months later she reported that she has been pain-free since that day!

Just tuning in to the upset surrounding the time of her pregnancy was enough – what a relief for her that she did not have to talk about it or articulate specific feelings and formulate set up statements in front of an audience.

It is when I see relief at a physical level, in a matter of minutes, that I am especially grateful for this wondrous tool. The results are tangible, immediate and the ease in daily living is experienced immediately. And, as in this case, long lasting.