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Back pain so intense, he had to crawl on his hands and knees.

Dear EFT Community,

April Roundy explores several several possible emotional triggers for her son-in-law’s back pain, and it turns out to be triggered by his financial concerns.

-Dawson Church.

By April Roundy

My oldest daughter and family live in Utah. She called me about 3 weeks ago saying her husband was in so much pain with his lower back, that he could not even walk. He had to crawl on his hands and knees. Could I help? “I will do my best, put Dustin on the phone.”

It was his lower back. I repeated some probable emotional causes and asked him, which one of the statements he resonated to. He replied, “Experiencing fear where money is concerned.” He was right in the middle of making a big financial decision. So he tapped and/or his wife tapped on him (because his pain was so intense.

“Even though I am experiencing fear, where money is concerned…..”,

“Even though, I am very skeptical about EFT…

“Even though I think my mother-in-law is whacko…”

He kept tapping over and over again. His 0-10 pain rating in the beginning was at a “25” (smile). By the time we got off the phone, he was down to a “3”. He was walking around.

I called the next morning. The pain had left and had not returned. His back was sore from having a deep massage done, but the pain and inability to walk was gone. I would say we worked straight for 30-45 minutes. And it was gone.

Sincerely, April Roundy