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Clearing Emotional Issues Resolves 14-year Toe Numbness

Dear EFT Community,

Here, Gwenn Bonnell writes of how resolving underlying emotional issues, which weren’t at first accessible, resolved neuropathy that the woman had suffered for 14 years.

-Stephanie M

By Gwenn Bonnell

During the first night of one of my four-week EFT trainings, I demonstrated EFT on a woman who’d had numbness in her toes for the past 14 years. On a 0-10 numbness scale, the numbness went from 9 to 6 after one round of the EFT Basic Recipe, then to 2 after the second round. Then we got into emotional stuff. Interestingly enough, when we first started, she’d stated that she couldn’t get in touch with her emotions, but now she could. After addressing the emotional issues, the numbness in her toes completely disappeared.

I’ve also had success dealing with numbness in the hands. I’ve worked with many HIV+ clients, having volunteered at an HIV+ outreach center for three years. The side effect of many of the medications is neuropathy. It makes lots of sense to me that, once you get the energy flowing again, the feeling returns.

Generally, I address the physical symptoms first, getting really specific. Then if the emotions come up, I address them separately. And of course, I teach everyone EFT. So if the symptoms return, they have an empowering tool to combat neuropathy.

Hope this helps–and gives hope to everyone with neuropathy!