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EFT Before and After Surgery

Dear Readers,

Rosemary Walters has success using EFT to reduce a coughing and sneezing fit before hand surgery, then again relieving pain after the surgery is complete.

-Will M.

Rosemary Walters

I was sitting in the hospital waiting room ready to go into the operating theatre for an operation on my hand when I started sneezing and my throat got sore. Knowing I couldn’t have my operation with a streaming cold, I thought with dread about all the organization involved in re-scheduling, not to mention the unpleasantness for the poor man seated next to me right then.

Rather than tapping which might have worried the man and the staff, I pressed my fingers lightly but steadily onto each acupressure point while thinking the set-up phrases. My sneezing started to calm down. I continued with the acupressing while switching to Pat Carrington’s choices. “Even though I am still sneezing a bit, I choose to face this operation in the best, calmest healthiest way that I possibly can.” Then I meditated and prayed for a while.

My sneezing stopped, my throat calmed and the anaesthetist said that, as I was not coughing and sneezing, I would be fine to have my operation. Today — the day after my operation – I’m typing this with my left hand but feeling no pain in my recovering right hand, despite having been told I would need strong pain killers.

I have to say that tapping made no difference whatever to the original problem in my hand for which I needed the operation — Dupuytren’s contracture — but saved me the great inconvenience of having to re-schedule my operation.

-Rosemary Walters