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Dear EFT Community,

Certified EFT practitioner and EFTU trainer, Sherrie Rice Smith, whose passion is bringing EFT to the Christian Community, details her work with a client who had suffered from severe foot pain for the past year. By uncovering core issues, the result was pain relief and a client who left the session laughing. For the schedule and location of Sherrie’s upcoming EFT Universe trainings, click here.

-EFT Universe

By Sherrie Rice Smith, EFT TRN-1-2

There are never-ending issues for which clients can call upon an EFT practitioner.

Judy texted me for something else but in the course of the conversation mentioned her foot was killing her, making walking an issue. She had spent nearly $189 on new shoes and supports, but it hadn’t made much difference. She wondered if tapping might help the problem. I readily agreed.

As usual, had Judy begin tapping on her favorite tapping spot, as we talked through her foot problem. Judy is a Christian client, so we opened the session with prayer:

“Holy Spirit, sit here with Judy and I as we tap through this foot problem that has arisen for her. We ask for your healing power to come upon both of us. Whisper in our ears what You know we need to hear to move this pain along. You are the Great Healer and we acknowledge You as our Savior, so please help us as we tap. In Jesus’ name, we pray.”

Judy told me she had been dealing with this pain for almost a year. She had a callus on the right side of her right foot in the beginning, and now she noticed she had them on the balls of both feet. It was really making walking an issue.

She continued by telling me she kept a neighbor’s dog, doing it as a “good Samaritan,” but the dog got out of the yard, and she chased it for three blocks, running on her hurting feet. “My feet were killing me when I finally caught that dog,” she said.

I asked her to tell me about the foot pain. “It feels like pressure on my foot, like I have a stone in my shoe. It sends shooting and throbbing pain through the calluses. Calluses are excess skin in the way. They are hard and uncomfortable,” Judy described.

When I asked, “Does this remind you of anything?” Judy replied, “Yeah, my age! I’m having a really hard time letting go of Cindy [her youngest daughter]. In many ways, I’m living my life through hers. Hers is much more exciting than mine.

Mine is ending and hers is just beginning. I cannot take care of Mom if I can’t walk. I never did much of anything when I was Cindy’s age because Dad wouldn’t let me. I had to come right home from school to help Mom, or I had to go right to work when I had a job.”

I inquired as to how all those made her feel. Judy replied, “I have all these regrets about how I lived my life when I was Cindy’s age. I could have done so much, but I didn’t.” She indicated she felt “sadness” and “regret” on those issues. Sadness held a SUD (emotional pain scale) of 10 and the regret was a 7 or 8 SUD level.

As we tapped on the sadness and the regret, Judy mentioned, “I’m 58 years old, and I have no feet.” She continued with, “I need to leave Cindy alone, but I can’t.” Judy told me a bit more of what was going on, as she tapped.

“Cindy has a nice male friend. I think he likes her more than she likes him, but they get along and he is a responsible guy. I keep checking everything Cindy does. I ask her a million questions about where they went and what they did. I’m a little wacko about it all. I even go onto AT&T to check out how much Cindy is texting him. I’m driving Cindy crazy. The harder I hold on, I know could drive her away. This is my last chance to get it right with my kids. Cindy will run away if I don’t stop,” Judy told me.

That was a mouthful! When asked what emotion all that elicited, she replied, “Fear.”

“Fear of what, exactly?” I asked. “Fear that my kids will desert me. Cindy is trying to get out of the house. I have three sons and none of them call me. If I fell off the face of the earth, would they even notice? I was number five in my family, and I remember always wondering how I was going to get out. I was the youngest girl, so who would take care of Mom and Dad when they were old? This all hits a nerve,” she told me.

I inquired as to how her feet were doing. “Interestingly,” she replied, “while talking about all this, I have shooting pain up the side of my right foot where that callus is.”

I smiled to myself, as this was a phone session, betting that Judy had no idea how much emotion she had stuffed into her feet!

We tapped for a while on the fear of the kids deserting her, and Cindy leaving in the fall for college. I threw in a wee bit of the former regret and sadness, too, for good measure.

Judy indicated she felt peaceful and much better, with the shooting pains in her feet subsiding. Her SUD levels were all down to 0, but I wanted to test it all a bit further.

I asked Judy to look into her feet and ask them if they wanted to tell her anything else. She kind of giggled and told me, “I forgot this until now. You know, I have an extra bone in both feet. The doctor told me that surgery could fix them, but if they weren’t bothering me to leave them alone. He said the extra bone wouldn’t bother me when I was a kid, but wait until I get older, then it will.”

“Well, the doctor appears to have set you up for this, didn’t he?” I answered. She retorted, “I bet he did, because I have thought about that ever since!”

As a practitioner, it is often important to ask a client what a doctor said about the problem because the subconscious will pick up on all those statements and make them its own, literally causing whatever the opinion is to happen because the subconscious thinks that is what we want, meaning we believe what the doctor says as “our truth.” I will often tap all the emotions around a doctor’s visit and a doctor’s specific words.

Curiously, I wanted to know the doctor’s name. “Dr. Order,” came the answer.

We tapped about Dr. Order telling Judy that her feet would give her problems when she “got older.”

It wasn’t long before Judy was laughing her head off over the whole feet issue, telling me, “I had no idea that was all involved in this. I have been wanting to call you, but I figured you’d think I was nuts wanting to tap on this.”

I later e-mailed Judy to point out all the different words she used around her feet. “Running, walking, can’t walk, no feet, barefoot, driving, run away, trying to get out, nerve, bone” and probably more words that I can no longer remember.

Through much of this session, we prayed as we tapped. As we do that, we both feel we are tapping right into God’s divine healing power.

I will lead the client by saying, “O, Lord, I feel all this regret,” or “O, Lord, that pain in my foot is unbearable at times, just like the pain you bore on the cross for me was totally unbearable.”

I never tap any two cases alike, so with some of the cases, I use a lot of prayer; other cases, I use less. It is determined completely by how comfortable the client is using this method. When I tap with non-Christian clients, I use no references to God.

We just tap.

I usually know from the client when the appointment is made whether they have contacted me because I do Christian EFT or not. Clients tend to make it clear what they want. It is my job as an EFT practitioner to tap the session their way. It is their healing session.

Clients tend to yawn or laugh or sigh when the energy around their issue is released. Judy just laughed and laughed.

I instructed her to pay attention, as there could still be more issues stuffed into those feet of hers, and if so, she could tap them herself, or call me to help her do so.

I received an e-mail a few days later, telling me much of the foot pain had resolved and she was feeling a whole lot better.