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EFT’s Constricted Breathing Technique for Diabetic Neuropathy

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By Rebecca Marina

Angus MacLeod, an elegant, elderly gentleman, contacted me from the other side of the world, Australia, to see if I could help him with his very severe pain from diabetic neuropathy. Angus said that he had worked with other EFT practitioners and by himself and that he had never had any improvement whatsoever. My hat is off to him that he still wanted to try EFT.

I asked him what kind of Setup phrases he had been using. He answered that he had used words like:

“Even though I have this terrible pain, I deeply and completely accept myself,” and “I want the pain to go away.”

Anytime I hear someone tell me they have tried EFT with no success, I handle it with my little “Back Door Policy.” That is, I address the problem in a roundabout way. Sometimes I don’t even say that much about the actual condition. I have found that if you use the power of “blood and oxygen,” it handles just about everything! After all, you can’t live without either one and they both have the power to heal anything.

I asked Angus how bad his pain felt at that moment and he said it was about an 8. I just sort of ignored that whole problem and told Angus that we would first just work on his breathing and get that going better. He agreed.

Sometimes we put up unconscious resistance if we think we are under pressure to “get better right now.”

I used the Constricted Breathing Technique. I had Angus take a deep breath in and measure it. He felt it was about a 6, with 10 being a full breath.

So then we did a round of:

“Even though I have this constricted breath, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

His breath improved slightly.

Angus reported that he could not breathe fully because he felt a “shudder” at the back of his throat. So we then did a round for “Even though I have this shudder and cannot breathe fully, I love and accept myself.”

The shudder disappeared and Angus was able to take a full deep breath.

This was very important because I intended to use the power of his breath to reduce his pain. At the beginning of the session, Angus stated that the pain in his ankles and feet from the diabetic neuropathy was at an 8. This pain prevented him from walking freely and severely limited his daily activities.

I now told Angus that we would use the power of his breath and blood flow to help his condition, so we did a round for:

“Even though I have this terrible pain, I am asking my red blood cells to pick up oxygen and bring it lovingly to my feet and ankles.”

We did another round for:

“Even though I have this terrible pain, I ask my red blood cells to absorb minerals, release lectins, and bring nourishment to my damaged nerves. I am asking the red blood cells and oxygen to begin to regenerate the damaged tissues.”

We then went right into a round of:

“I thank you, feet and ankles, for all you’ve done for me and I forgive you for giving out on me.”

I asked Angus to check his level of pain and he had to get up and walk around a little bit to test it. He reported now his pain level was down to a level 2, and he was ecstatic!

Yes, EFT always works if you find the right way to work it!

We did this all in a free 20-minute session and I had no more time to try and get the pain all the way to 0 as I had another client right behind him.

Interestingly, we did not touch on any emotions at all in this session, although I usually do and find it very helpful for any condition.

The next week, I emailed Angus to ask how he was. He said the pain had returned, and he could not remember the words we had used. When a condition is chronic as well as organic, it is sometimes necessary to reapply EFT often.

I offered Angus another session and purchased recording equipment for my telephone. At our next session, Angus was happy to report that the “shudder” in his breathing report had not returned. The pain of the diabetic neuropathy, however, was back up to an 8.

In the new session, we used basically the same strategy as before and reduced the pain to almost a 0. There was just a bit of residual pain. Angus was simply delighted to know that EFT really does work. Sometimes, you just need a little professional help.

I am happy to say that I have mailed him the recording of our session and now Angus can do EFT every day for his chronic condition. The belief factor doesn’t hurt, he knows that he got results using the power of blood and oxygen!

I highly recommend that practitioners purchase the recording equipment for clients with chronic conditions. Most people will gladly pay you a few dollars extra to have this service.