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EFT for Painful Dental Work

Dear EFT Community,

Joy Vogel shares her thoughts on how she used EFT to relieve “one of the worst pains I have ever experienced” caused by extensive dental work. Even though the dentist is surprised by the results he can clearly see, he refuses to acknowledge how EFT dramatically improved the healing process. Joy is now looking for another dentist . . .


By Joy Vogel

My own real need for EFT started with a Saturday noon dental surgery that was supposed to last 4 hours, and extended to nearly 9. I had an impacted wisdom tooth removed, the molar beside it hemi-sectioned, bone grafted in, 7 stitches, and finally a root canal on that half-molar.

I should have stopped on the way home for the prescription pain-killers, but with my face all swollen and blood still dripping, I went home and asked my husband to go for it–and I went to bed! Nearly an hour later, I was awakened by one of the worst pains I have ever experienced.  And my husband had forgotten to go for the medicine. Yipes!

I had read just that morning a newsletter testimonial of pain relief through EFT, and while I waited, I decided I had to try tapping or go crazy!  The whole left side of my head was too tender to even tap, and the right side only just bearable, but with nothing else at hand, I went at the tapping as best I could.

At first, I felt no relief, and then I recalled–I must forgive if I was to find relief.  I realized I was a bit upset with my dear husband for forgetting, and as soon as I said aloud that I forgave him, I started tapping again. It just took about 3-4 more rounds, and suddenly I realized I was not in pain. Not at all!  I was astonished. Total relief!

I thanked God and the founder of EFT, and lay back to rest a bit more. When my husband arrived, quite a while later, I had gone back to sleep, and when he woke me, I didn’t need any medication, and never did take a single bit of pain medicine for the surgery.

I went past the Dentist’s office on Monday after school, to show him the recovery, as my stitches were already falling out, and the swelling was gone, the cheek healed and gum healing nearly completed.  He was so astonished that he had all his colleagues in to check me out!

He just shook his head and finally sent me off, refusing to record it or say any more.  I gave him the YouTube address, but I have no idea if he ever went to check it out.  He has refused to speak of it since. (Too bad for him–I am now looking for a different dentist!)

From that time on, I am a true believer in EFT.  Since then, I have cured my kitchen burns, (even with big water blisters, they disappear totally, no sign of anything) scrapes and cuts leave no scars and the hurt goes away in minutes, sunburn, swollen feet, you name it, I tap for it, for myself and my friends and family.