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EFT for Sciatica Pain: Personal Peace Procedure

EFT for Sciatica Pain: Personal Peace Procedure

Dear EFT Community,

eft for back pain by dawson

Certified EFT practitioner Patzia-Gonzalez-Baz taps through the buried emotional issues around her long-standing sciatica pain in the midst of continuing to tap her way through her Personal Peace Procedure list.

– EFTUniverse

By Patzia Gonzalez-Baz, Certified EFT Practitioner

Years ago I started having burning pain down my right leg and was told it was sciatica. It was incredibly painful and, in my case, made worse by walking.

I did know EFT at the time, but never thought to use it for a mechanical issue. The doctors told me there was not much they could do except for painkillers.

The pain was driving me bananas, and I was limping along, at times using a cane as it was getting progressively worse. When I was in Chicago with my kids visiting universities; we visited the Science Museum and I asked for a wheelchair so I could enjoy the visit instead of miserably dragging myself around.

I did a lot of chiropractic adjustments, physiotherapy, and massage. Eventually, 3 years later, I was basically pain free. So you can imagine my horror when 5 years after that, I started having a burning and at times numbing pain down the back of my left leg. I wasn’t happy to start feeling these symptoms now with my other leg. The difference is that now I have used EFT for “mechanical issues” with myself and with clients.

I’ve been steadily working on my Personal Peace Procedure clearing important emotional “trees” from my past.

To this, I added a daily tapping routine with:

Even though I have this burning pain down my left leg…
Even though I have this numbing pain down my left leg…

I would do two rounds with “this burning and numbing pain” and then two rounds with “this remaining burning and numbing pain” in the morning and in the evening.

After two weeks of tapping twice a day, the pain was only from the knee down.

I switched to:

Even though I have this burning/numbing pain from the knee down…

And I followed the same routine as before. At the same time, I noticed that some long buried emotional issues from my early twenties were coming up as part of my Personal Peace Procedure; the interesting thing is that they had not been on my list. I diligently stomped all over them along with tapping for the sciatica in my left leg.

Two months later, I suddenly noticed that I hadn’t tapped on the sciatica for a couple of days and that I had no pain in my left leg! Now, five more weeks have gone by, and the pain is gone! Awesome!

I honestly can’t say if it was just the tapping for the burning pain, or the tapping for the emotional issues that came up, or a combination of both that contributed to the symptom disappearing. But the pain is gone, and that is awesome!

I’ve started to work on my hearing loss and I continue with my Personal Peace Procedure.